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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: more FC Pro Live cards are leaked and one could reach 90 on average


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: more FC Pro Live cards are leaked and one could reach 90 on average

Triple-threat players will disappear this afternoon from Ultimate Team, ending what has been their first appearance in the game. During this event, we have enjoyed a lot of content that is still active, such as the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and a good handful of Squad Challenges, among which the new RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardist 84+, Bacha RTTK and a female End of One player stand out. It was that he had achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team .

The promotion that comes to replace them also debuts in the game mode. They are called FC Pro Live and, although they are not yet included in the game, we already know how much and when they will improve, and, in addition, the first names have been leaked.

We already know how this leak works with thematic teams, once the first one occurs the rest continue to arrive in dribs and drabs. We have already had a second batch and even a third that we are going to show you below. In the latter, there are footballers with a lot of potential who, as always, will depend on how far the competitive player they are linked to goes.

These are the 4 new FC Pro Live leaked

The first player that the leakers have shared has been an old acquaintance from Ultimate Team. Willian spent his golden age at Chelsea a long time ago, where he became one of the best left-wingers in the Premier League. But now, almost 10 years later, he can once again be a viable option if he gets a nice boost to his pace, which on his base card is only 72. 

The second player is one of the most striking in the entire promotion. Mané 's last year in the Bundesliga was quite weak within Ultimate Team, and this season has not had a strong start either. However, we all know the potential he has and if he recovers the numbers he once had, we are sure that it will be worth making a place for him in our teams, no matter how difficult it may be. 

Another of the big draws of this promotion will be Simakan. At first glance, the French central defender may not impress us too much, but with the upgrades he can receive he can become a very top card. Its base conditions are very good, so we can only hope that it improves as many times as possible. 

Finally, we have another French player, but this time a midfielder. Looking at Makengo 's prediction, he has nothing special and will be one of the worst players in the promotion, but it is also true that the card that gets all the improvements will end up being very good, so we should not underestimate him either.