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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: this leak confirms a very top IF that would affect a POTM


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: this leak confirms a very top IF that would affect a POTM

The Triple Threats continue to advance in their debut in Ultimate Team before being replaced by the FC Pro Live, another promotion that we will see for the first time this year. Until then we can focus on the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and continue moving through the Season Pass, with the choice of Tier 15 just around the corner for many.

On the other hand, in the Squad Challenges section we find the first Basic Hero Improvement without a rating limit, a mandatory RTTK SBC, and, since yesterday, two new improvements, the first the challenge that gives us an envelope with three cards 84 + and Improved 77+.

All this content will be joined tomorrow by a new TOTW that looks very good according to predictions. In fact, one of the best-rumored players has just been confirmed thanks to a leak from Twitter user FutPoliceLeaks, who has assured that this footballer, about whom there were doubts, will be present, directly affecting one of the POTMs who were earrings.

Mbappé will receive an IF card in TOTW 9

The player we are talking about is none other than Mbappé, who with his three goals this weekend was IF meat, but who had as his great rival his own team's goalkeeper, Donnarumma, who was elected MOTM. However, this information rules out the Italian goalkeeper and hangs the medal for best player in form so far in the game on the French attacker, who would be available in envelopes from tomorrow until next Wednesday.

The direct consequence of this is that the PSG striker will not be chosen as POTM of his league, leaving that recognition for Zaïre-Emery. For us, as users, this is a movement that does not interest us too much. Mbappé's IF will be worse than his Player of the Month card would have been and, furthermore, it will be much more difficult to achieve.

Even so, with the vote already closed, the announcement of the Ligue 1 POTM will be made in just over an hour, so the vote is already closed and nothing can be done. Depending on the player who has won this award, we will have even more clarity on whether Kylian will appear in TOTW tomorrow or not.