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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: this team has one of the best defenses in the game


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: this team has one of the best defenses in the game

Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. the Triple Threat will end their debut in Ultimate Team to give way to another promotion that will appear for the first time in history in this game mode, the FC Pro Live, of which the results have already been leaked. first names and those we already know how much and when they will improve. However, until that happens, we still have plenty of content to enjoy.

In addition to the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution, we have many Squad Challenges, such as the new RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardist 84+, Bacha RTTK, an End of an Era player who has achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team, and the special Krieger version.

All of this helps us improve our team, which is ultimately the goal of the Ultimate Team. With this in mind, we usually recommend players to you, and this time we bring you a somewhat different proposal. It is a defensive line made up of players who play for the same club, so giving it chemistry is not going to be complicated at all. Furthermore, the team in question is quite fashionable in real life, so with them we will give a touch of charisma to our squad.

Bayern Leverkusen's defensive line

Bayern Leverkusen's defensive line

Before talking about each card specifically, we want to clarify that what we mean by one of the best defenses in the game is the block they form. If we look at the back line of other teams there are always one or two players who fall short, but with Leverkusen everyone is up to par. Although there are better center-backs and better full-backs in other clubs, nowhere are we going to find four of this level together.

Starting on the sides, we have Grimaldo on the left side. The Spanish player has had a spectacular start to the season with which he has already won two IFs. This one that we show you is the second, and it brings together everything we can ask of a player of his position . He is fast, with good offensive qualities, among which his 87 shooting power and long shot stand out, and quite good at the back, although physically he is somewhat weak.

Something similar happens with the right back, Frimpong. This player, who could have become the new POTM of the Bundesliga, has an extremely fast and agile card, but with deficiencies in the physical and defensive aspects. He will help us a lot in attack, but we need to be very careful with him in defense and avoid melee to get the most out of him.

The central pair is probably the best we can get for its price. On one side we have Hincapié RTTK, which has already received the corresponding improvements and has become a true animal that stands out in every way. The quality of this central defender reaches such a point that even his passing (with 91 short passes and 87 long passes ) is extraordinary.

And if the Ecuadorian's letter is surprising, Kossounou 's is not far behind. The Ivory Coast center-back was introduced yesterday in Ultimate Team and has become the definitive piece to shore up this defence. With an incredible physical presence ( 1'91 tall ), good rhythm, and a very top defense and physique, this footballer guarantees good performance for a fairly low price (58,000 coins on console and 45,000 on PC).

With these four cards, we will have an almost entire defense of chemistry in itself that will give us a lot of joy, although it is true that its price of 308,000 coins on console and 247,000 on PC seems a little excessive to us.

Despite this, if you want to try a themed team and meet in-game those footballers who are performing so well in Xabi Alonso's Leverkusen, this is a fun idea that will not cause you to despair while playing.