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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: what to choose at level 19 of the season pass


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: what to choose at level 19 of the season pass

The Triple Threat week will end this Friday, thus ending their debut in Ultimate Team. During this event, a lot of content has been included in EA Sports FC 24, such as the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and many Squad Challenges such as three new improvements, the first being the challenge that gives us an envelope with three 84+ cards, the 77 Improvement + and the new RTTK Improvement or Vanguardista 84+ .

On the other hand, we have been able to get soccer players in the SBCs like Bacha RTTK, an End of an Era player who has achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team and the special version of Krieger.

Much of this content will disappear with the arrival of the new professional team, the FC Pro Live, of which the first names have already been leaked. The same thing will happen in 7 days with the season pass, which we have to be finishing and, as a consequence, we will have to make the most difficult decision, choosing the Level 19 Background player.

Which player to choose at level 19 of the season pass?

This time we will not have to make this determination at the last level of the pass, but at the penultimate one. Before reaching level 20, Iwobi, Witsel, and Karsdorp await us so that we can choose one of them to add to our club. Each one serves to close a series of three players who share nationality in three different leagues, but beyond the chemistry that these can provide us, it is necessary to talk about their statistics.

There may be a better option for each user for personal reasons, but we are simply going to talk about the one that offers the best performance in the game, which is the one we are going to choose. Therefore, this article should be taken for what it is, a guide and advice that does not need to be followed literally.


For us, it is the worst option of the three and we explain why. Although he has three possible positions ( MD, ED, and MC ), his defense prevents him from acting as a pure midfielder, so he can only occupy the right wing. With him, we will have a winger with 4 skills and 3 bad legs, with a dribble that is much worse than what it seems on the card ( 84 agility and 81 balance ), and with a shot in with a 77 finish we It will be very difficult to score in some situations.

It is true that not everything in his card is bad, he has a very good rhythm, a quite interesting passing section, and an extraordinary physique to play on the side. In addition, his PlayStyle+ Long Passes can help us with long-distance ball movements. Even so, we believe that he is the player that no one should choose, especially considering those we gave up.


The Dutch full-back wins the silver medal despite the fact that it is a card that we find highly recommended. Karsdorp meets all the requirements that we can ask of a great full-back: he is quite fast, he has a good pass for his position, his dribbling is not bad (although with 78 agility and balance it is worse than it looks ), and a defense and a physique that makes him a very accomplished player. Plus, his PlayStyle+ Threaded Pass makes a lot of sense for a full-back, so it suits him very well.

Despite all this, and its versatility ( LD, CAD, MD, and ED ), its links are not the best and it lacks a little more in all the statistics to really stand out. If by some chance he is very good for your team, you can take him without fear, because we are sure that he will deliver, but when push comes to shove, no one will choose Karsdorp as their trusted right-back, so he remains in the second step...


Our great favorite for this election, without any doubt, is Witsel. The Belgian does not have a single negative point, which makes him a safe bet, as we are going to show you below. Starting with the characteristics of the card, his links are very good thanks to his league and his team (in addition to the other elections the rest of the LaLiga players have been the best), he has 3 stars for filigree, but 4 for bad leg and His work rates of low in attack and high in defense make him perfect for what his role will be.

Because with a solid 80 pace, a very secondary shot (but in which his 87 penalties stand out ), an incredible short pass of 95 and long of 89, a brutal defense, and a very differential physique, Witsel meets all the conditions to take advantage of his secondary DFC position (can also be MC). To this, we still have to add his 1'86 height and his PlayStyle+ for aerial play, very useful for tall footballers.

Saving the distance, this Background player is the closest thing we can get to Virgil van Dijk, and not selecting him in this pick seems truly crazy to us. We do not see a single weak point in him and we are convinced that he can compete for the center position with the majority of cards used in the teams, and all this at 0 cost.