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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: You might regret it if you don't complete this SBC

 There is not much left for the Triple Threats to finish their debut in Ultimate Team, thus ceding the position of the promotional team to the FC Pro Live, another event that will appear for the first time in history. Until then we can continue to entertain ourselves with the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and the season pass .

On the other hand, in the Template Challenges section, we can complete a mandatory RTTK SBC and two new improvements, the first is the challenge that gives us an envelope with three 84+ cards and the 77+ Improvement.

In addition, yesterday we found the new RTTK Improvement or Vanguardist 84+ and two End of an Era cards. While one of them has broken a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team, the other has gone quite unnoticed and can be a very interesting option not only for the present but also for the future. We are talking about Krieger's End of an Era.

Why is Krieger's End of an Era so interesting?

Why is Krieger's End of an Era so interesting

The SBC of the US headquarters is made up of a single squad in which we are required to have a minimum rating of 83, a player from the United States, and an IF. In this way, this 88 card on average will only cost us about 44,000 coins on any platform, a price that is true that places it at almost double what that average costs on the market, so it is not useful for us to use it in another Squad Challenge.

However, if we look at the statistics we get many positive surprises. Krieger is a very fast player with a fairly balanced pace, in addition, her defense is very top, making her a center-back with a lot of ability to steal balls despite her physique. It is true that the NJ/NY Gotham soccer player has 82 strengths, but with the body style she has (thinner than men) and with her short height of 1.68 it will be difficult for her to make a difference in this aspect.

So far what we have said about it places it as a good card, but nothing more. The element that makes the difference and that can make him take a leap in quality is his secondary position of DCM, where his qualities make much more sense thanks to his ability to distribute the ball ( 88 short passes and 89 spins)... Furthermore, this player can be very important for the future, because she will be one of the best options to give chemistry to league teammates, and she has the PlayStyle+ Aerial game.

Without going any further, together with Rapinoe Fin de Una Era, Dunn evolved and Smith Vanguardista already creates a very interesting diamond for any team. It is very likely that new players will be added to this coalition in the future, and it is advisable to avoid regrets because we did not spend less than 50,000 coins. For us, it is an SBC that must be taken into account, although it is true that it is not mandatory.