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Evocative Devastation in Dragonflight 10.2: PvE talents and builds

 The new expansion of WoW: Dragonflight brings its share of novelties, and with it comes a whole new class: the Evoker. Here is our guide for 10.2.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the new expansion of Blizzard's MMO. Patch 10.2 is released on November 8, 2023. To help you, we offer you a guide to the Devastation Evoker.

This guide will help you for the release of  10.2 and also Season 3. Here you will find different talent trees for Raid and Mythic Dungeon, information on rotation, optimal statistics, and the strengths and weaknesses of the specialization.

Devastation Evoker's Guide to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

The Evoker is the brand new class of Dragonflight, it is only playable by the Dracthyr race and has two specializations. In this guide, we are focusing on the Devastation specialization.

Evoker has received a lot of changes but they shouldn't be too noticeable at the moment, with the red part of the tree still lacking in power, especially Firestorm.

Devastation Evoker Talents in Mythic Dungeon:

Devastation Evoker Talents in Mythic Dungeon

This talent tree presents the basis of Evoker DPS with a few small adaptations that mainly work for Mythic+. The Volatility talent is a very interesting talent when there are several targets, and makes our Bucher our main source of damage.

As you can see, we have invested a lot of points in the right part of the tree. The red talents, to the left of the tree, tend to be a little less effective. Firestorm is a nice spell to use but it loses a lot of potential as soon as your tank moves a lot.

Raid Devastation Evocator Talents:

Raid Devastation Evocator Talents

This talent tree is very similar to Mythic+. You will abandon Volatility to take Power Nexus and Enveloping Inferno. You can keep  Volatility if you need a little cleave.

There is a third build that only plays with Bucher but it is very situational.

Devastation Evoker Rotation in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

The Devastation Evocator follows a very precise rotation, especially during the opener.

Devastation Evoker Rotation in Mythic Dungeon:

  1. Use Dragon Rage whenever possible
  2. Use Breath of Fire Rank 1 if your targets are high in health and move up the rank then the targets are low in health.
  3. Use Surge of Eternity rank 1 with 2 targets, 2 with 3+ targets, 3 with 5+ targets
  4. Use Deep Breaths whenever possible outside of Dragon Rage
  5. Use Pyre to spend your essence on 3+ targets
  6. Use Shattering Star whenever possible
  7. Use Disintegration to spend your essence on 2- targets
  8. Use Frappe Azur on 3+ targets if you have nothing to do
  9. Use Living Flame on 2- targets if you have nothing to do

Devastation Evocator Rotation in Raid:

For this rotation, we will assume that you are using the
single target build which will likely be used the most.

  1. Use Dragon Rage whenever possible
  2. Use Breath of Fire at rank 1, whenever possible
  3. Use Shattering Star whenever possible
  4. Use Surge of Eternity whenever possible
  5. Use Disintegration whenever it's free.
  6. Use Disintegration when you're close to your gas tank
  7. Use Living Flame whenever you have nothing to do

Optimal Evoker Devastation stats in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

The statistics should be taken in this order. Note that changes may still occur between now and the release of the raid. 

Intelligence > Mastery > Haste = Critical > Versatility

Intelligence is always the best stat.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Devastation Evoker in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Who says new class, says new mechanics. Strengthening spells are a lot of fun to play, although Deep Breath will sometimes be difficult to use in closed dungeons. In short, the Devastation Evoker looks a lot like the Destruction Warlock. Simple to play, deals high damage, and brings a lot of utility to your group.

Easy to play and deals a lot of damage without having to think much
Must often stop to cast strengthening spells as it makes him less mobile

Has a lot of utility spells like RescueBronze Blessing and Cauterizing Flame
Can only attack at a 25m range which makes it difficult to operate at times.

You are a Dragon who masters the power of all Draconic flights!
You are attracted to treasures, castles, and helpless princesses...

This specialization is an excellent choice well played, you will be a real advantage in your team. You deal huge damage while being difficult to kill. It is a class apart from the others which pleases with its skillful expression.