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Evocative Increase in Dragonflight 10.2: PvE talents and builds

 The new expansion of WoW: Dragonflight brings its share of novelties, and with it comes a whole new class: the Evoker. Here is our guide for 10.2.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the new expansion of Blizzard's MMO. Patch 10.2 is released on November 8, 2023. To help you, we offer you a guide on the Evocative Augmentation.

This guide will help you with the release of  10.2 and Season 3. Here you will find different talent trees for Raid and Mythic Dungeon, information on rotation, optimal statistics, and the strengths and weaknesses of the specialization.

Evoker Augmentation Guide to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2.

The Evoker is the brand new class of Dragonflight, it is only playable by the Dracthyr race and has two specializations. In this guide, we focus on the Augmentation specialization. We also have a guide dedicated to the Preservation specialization.

Evocator Talents Increase in Mythic Dungeon:

Evocator Talents Increase in Mythic Dungeon

The Evocator DPS Augment is a unique class that you will have to get used to, but its playstyle is not necessarily the most complex to play in Mythic +. Be careful to synchronize your Breaths with your allies' DPS.

Evocator Talents Increased in Raid:

Evocator Talents Increased in Raid

This build focuses on all the possible damage options to be found in the Evoker augment tree. In raids, make sure you are in the group with the biggest DPS to be able to apply your Presciense to the most relevant targets.

Evoker Rotation Increased in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

The Evoker Augmentation follows a fairly precise rotation, but which does not change greatly depending on the mythic and the raid. So we'll cover both in the same section.

Evocator Rotation Increase:

  1. Maintain Prescience on your primary DPS.
  2. Maintain Scorching Scales on your tank.
  3. Use Ebony Power as often as possible.
  4. Use Breath of Fire whenever available.
  5. Use Uprising whenever available, making it more powerful if there are more targets.
  6. Use Breath of Omens whenever available, especially in combination with the two-minute CDs of your other DPS.
  7. Synchronize Time Leap with Breath of Omens, do not cast the spell if you have not just used Breath of Omens.
  8. Use Eruption to spend your essence.
  9. Use Living Flame as a single target and Azure Strike as a multitarget.

Optimal Evoker Augment stats in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

The statistics should be taken in this order. Note that changes may still occur between now and the release of the raid. 

Intelligence > Mastery > Critical > Haste > Versatility

Intelligence is always the best stat.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Evoker Augment in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 10.2

Who says new class, says new mechanics. Strengthening spells are a lot of fun to play, although Deep Breath will sometimes be difficult to use in closed dungeons. The "Support" style brings a new dimension to WoW gameplay but will mean that you will depend on your DPS to inflict damage.

Easy to play and deals a lot of damage without having to think much
Depends a lot on his allies.

Has a lot of utility spells like RescueBronze Blessing and Cauterizing Flame
Can only attack at a 25m range which makes it difficult to operate at times.

Excellent mobility.
As soon as an ally dies, your DPS is greatly reduced.

This specialization is an excellent choice well played, you will be a real advantage in your team.