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Fans celebrate the new “best LV card” in EA FC 24 – Complete the SBC


Fans celebrate the new “best LV card” in EA FC 24 – Complete the SBC

A new RTTK map appeared in EA FC 24 yesterday. If you want one of the best left-back cards, you should complete the associated SBC. Many fans are already excited.

Which card is it? Selma Bacha is a left-back at Olympique Lyon. Their rare gold card has a strong rating of 86 and has been played 2.7 million times according to

Now the already popular French woman has gotten an even better special version. This event card also has a very good chance of getting two more upgrades.

We introduce you to the SBC about RTTK Selma Bacha, give you our assessment, and show you the opinions of the community.

Fans celebrate the new “best LV card” in EA FC 24 – Complete the SBC

RTTK Selma Bacha SBC: This is what you need to know

Price, requirements, upgrades, and expiration time

How much does the RTTK Bacha cost? The SBC is currently priced at around 170,000 coins. In total, you only need to trade two teams to get RTTK Bacha:

  • a team of 85 with at least one player from France
  • an 86 team

When will she get her upgrades? RTTK Bacha will receive up to two upgrades if she meets the following conditions.

  1. Win two games in the UWCL group stage (+1 Inform upgrade)
  2. Qualify for the UWCL knockout round (+1 inform upgrade)
How long does the SBC last? You have until next Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 to complete the SBC. And we can only recommend that you take RTTK Bacha with you because this card really has it all.

RTTK Bacha is definitely worth it – that’s how strong the card is

Is the SBC worth it? The clear answer is yes. Although the price of 170,000 coins is not a bargain at first glance, two upgrades are already included in this sum. Your team Olympique Lyon is one of the favorites for the title in the Women's Champions League and should get the two upgrades if everything doesn't go wrong.

In addition to the already strong values, Bacha brings seven different playstyles. With “Anticipation”, “Technique” and “Quick-Step”, three of them are among the best play styles in EA FC 24. She also has a golden playstyle with “Hard Pass”, which makes her crosses much sharper and more accurate than usual crosses.

With four-star skills and high/high work rates, she is the perfect full-back for an offensive wing game. And then there are the upgrades she'll probably get. We created the expected values ​​for Bacha after her upgrades using the futbin map generator :

RTTK Bacha is definitely worth it – that’s how strong the card is
RTTK Bacha after their upgrades 

Fans are excited

How does the community react to RTTK Bacha? The majority of fans also agree that Bacha has the potential to become the new left-back in their teams. This can be seen on, where the community gave the SBC 2500 likes and only 360 dislikes at the same time.

There are over 200 posts on under the “Selma Bacha RTTK SBC” subreddit. Here too, most players are enthusiastic. However, the top commentator doesn't miss the opportunity to say goodbye to Bacha's rare gold card before welcoming Bacha's new RTTK card as his "new best friend". The user also firmly expects the upgrades (via ).

Another user is very sure that many other players will also bring Bacha into their team. He writes: "Say hello to everyone's new defense attorney until January (via )"

One thing is certain, if Lyon Women live up to their role as favorites in the Champions League, Selma Bacha will likely be one of the best defenders in the game right up to Team of the Year and perhaps even beyond.

What do you think of the new SBC? Will you complete it? Feel free to write to us in the comments.