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Fortnite updated time November 16, 2023 season 7 and 8 OG?

 Fortnite returns with great fanfare with the very first original map! Find out the date and time of the OG season 7 and 8 update!

Fortnite updated time November 16, 2023 season 7 and 8 OG?

The global Fortnite community has been buzzing since the return of the Chapter 1 map with the OG season. This update is already a historic event for Fortnite fans. Many communities were formed with an unprecedented rivalry which went viral on social networks with the 700t and the 2.4 Salty.

The new thing for the OG season is that each week, the map will change to return to an old season of chapter 1. After season 5 which landed on November 3, it is season 7, and season 8 who return on November 16!  As is usually the case with major updates, we can expect new content to be added to the game, along with the potential fixing of a few issues. We'll reveal the release date and time of the Fortnite OG November 16, 2023 update.

Fortnite Season OG November 16 Update Date and Time

After the Season 5 map, you will relive Season 7 and Season 8 of Fortnite during Chapter 1 of Fortnite on November 16, 2023! The update is scheduled for the morning. We do not yet have information on the exact time. We can imagine 8am GMT+1, like last week with maintenance!

However, the patch will not be available immediately when maintenance begins. You will have to wait a few hours after the end of maintenance for it to be deployed. The precise release time will therefore depend on the duration of the maintenance, as is the case with other Fortnite updates.

Among the former players, we can certainly hope for the return of personalities such as Inoxtag and Gotaga! It is essential to note that returning to Chapter 1 is a temporary experience. Epic Games has made it clear that this will not be a permanent overhaul of the game, but rather a special event to celebrate Fortnite's history. Players are therefore encouraged to take full advantage of it during the dedicated period.

This announcement sparked a sense of unity within the Fortnite community, bringing both current and returning players together in a wave of nostalgia and excitement. Many veterans of the game look forward to sharing this experience with new players who never had the chance to experience Chapter 1.

November 3, 2023 is a date that Fortnite fans will not soon forget. The return to Chapter 1 promises to be a historic event for one of the most popular games of all time , reminding players of the reasons they fell in love with Fortnite in the first place.