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Fortnite x LEGO: the collaboration officially revealed with a Llama like no other!

 Fortnite and LEGO are teaming up for an epic crossover event on December 7! Get ready for an adventure full of surprises.

Fortnite x LEGO: the collaboration officially revealed with a Llama like no other!

The world of Fortnite is about to welcome a most surprising collaboration with LEGO. This association between two entertainment giants officially announced on Twitter, promises a renewed and exciting gaming experience for players. Scheduled for December 7, this LEGO x Fortnite event is part of a series of expected new features in the game, including a live Eminem concert and a possible collaboration with Doctor Who.

Fortnite and LEGO are teaming up for a crossover event planned for December 7, bringing a breath of fresh air to the game with LEGO characters and new gameplay dynamics based on building and creating. Eminem will also make an appearance with an in-game concert and a collaboration with Doctor Who is strongly anticipated.

The iconic Lama from Fortnite has the right to its LEGO version!

It's official: LEGO and Fortnite are merging their universes to offer players a unique fun experience. The announcement, made on Twitter by LEGO, confirms the rumors that have been circulating for several weeks. This unprecedented collaboration between the two brands promises to revolutionize the gaming experience in Fortnite.

According to available information, this special event will allow Fortnite players to slip into the shoes of LEGO figurines. The event will focus on typical play aspects of the LEGO universe, such as building and crafting, adding a new and creative dimension to the gameplay. You can see the Lego version of the Fortnite Llama in this image.

Scheduled to take place on December 7, this event is one of three new game modes that will be introduced to Fortnite in December. In addition to this new feature, the famous rapper Eminem will hold a live concert in the game on December 2.

The LEGO Twitter or X account also posted this image.


The Fortnite x LEGO event marks a significant step in the continued evolution of the game, bringing a new creative and playful breath. The fusion of these two universes promises to excite players and create an unforgettable immersive experience.