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Guide for beginners to Wartales - how to survive the squad, earn money, find a meeting place for pharmacists and other tips


Guide for beginners to Wartales - how to survive the squad, earn money, find a meeting place for pharmacists and other tips

Wartales may seem difficult at first. It gives complete freedom of action, leaving the player to figure everything out on their own, which is why the correct path may not be found even after three attempts. In this guide, we explain what you need to do to quickly get used to the game and get hooked on the game.

How to survive in Wartales

In Wartales, you control a band of mercenaries trying to survive in a medieval fantasy world. But here, success in the metagame is much more important than success in individual elements. You can be an excellent combat tactician or skillfully craft things, but the passage will quickly end if you fail to provide the squad. So the only thing you really have to think about in Wartales is survival.

The game can be unpredictable, so for the first 10-20 hours we advise you to avoid constant skirmishes or non-stop exploration of the game world, focusing on strengthening your squad. Do all this later, already standing firmly on your feet, for which you need:

  • earn a lot of money - for the detachment and for the companions in salary;
  • understand crafting and camp management - equip and buff your squad;
  • take a suitable build at the beginning and strengthen it with the necessary fighters in time.

Which build to take at the start?

Wartales combat is designed for close combat. A swordsman, axe-wielder, spearman, savage/forester is much more useful than an archer or thief.

For a quick start, we recommend the team “people accompanying merchants who have lost their employers” with the bonus “accustomed to long journeys” and the disadvantage “unsurpassed greed” (this is the lesser of evils). Give your fighters the following skills:

  • Swordsman: one-handed weapon and “Rage” perk. Traits: Speed, Volunteer, Drunkard. Profession: craftsman.
  • Spearman: First Aid perk. Traits: hard worker, volunteer, puny. Profession: blacksmith.
  • Warrior: two-handed weapon (mace) and the “Rage” perk. Traits: strength, bloodthirstiness, slacker. Profession: miner.
  • Savage: two-handed weapon (axe) and the “Rage” perk. Traits: strength, bloodthirstiness, gluttony. Profession: fisherman, later lumberjack.
  • Pony: traits of a hard worker, tall, and clubfoot (ponies do not participate in battle). We are pumping up their “physique” for all of them so that their carrying weight and cruising range increase.

We pump up the strength of human heroes and, when the need arises, we raise the movement. First until 10, then 12.

Other game settings:

  • Starting Region: Tiltren
  • Combat and Simulation Difficulty: Veteran
  • Save and explore mode: free, adaptive.

What companions are needed and where to find them?

In the first minute of the game, recruit a thief (Gakert) for 1 health potion in the Stormkapp Mill location. Look for it below the map from the starting point.

Later, when you make your way to the neighboring county of Artres, you can recruit an alchemist girl in the “Stake for Burning” location. Get ready for a tough fight with the Inquisition.

The squad will only need one archer for the entire game, recruit him in 5-6 hours, and until then he will be replaced by a spearman with a long-range “spear throw” attack. But you need 2-3 thieves - running far, they will help both in the attack, delivering insidious blows or taking prisoners, and by healing the fighters. They also have the key perk “smoke screen”, which causes an additional attack from your fighting fighters against enemies.

If you decide to replenish your squad and recruit in prison, it’s cheaper, and the equipment will still be replaced. But don’t rush to inflate your squad with characters.

The main tank composition is 4-6 brown bears accompanied by 2 polar bears. It is they who bear the brunt of the battle, working for food. Capturing everyone will require a dozen or two ropes. Or buy animals in prison, they are rarely found there.

By default, bears act as allies themselves (highlighted in green). You can control them with the "Training" perk of the archer. While there are no bears, capture other animals, such as Alpha Wolves and Sows. It’s easier to grab them and, if anything happens, it’s not scary to throw them into the thick of battle as consumables.

In each of the Wartales counties, you will find the Brotherhood Training Ground, where new abilities and improvements to existing ones are sold. There you can change your specialization and improve purple class weapons. Don't neglect this opportunity, for example, teach everyone to provide first aid to each other.

Another important point is completing secondary mini-games, be it mining ore, chopping wood, fishing, or crafting weapons, and potions. Upgrading your mercenaries' specialties is one of the key tasks in the game. It will be difficult without them, so don’t skimp on your craft.

How to make money quickly in Wartales

Regular buy and sell from Stromkapp to Cortia, and later to Marheim, will help you quickly forget about the lack of money. You can get to Cortia ahead of time. Through the mountains that go around the customs on the southern side of the world, set a detour, go down and up through the obstacles:

Marheim is separated by a deep river, so you can only get there by paying 200 gold at customs, do this as soon as your budget allows. The logic of the trade route itself is as follows:

To start trading you need at least 1000 gold coins and two ponies, which will not be available at the beginning. So you'll have to get your hands dirty at the start:

Complete quests. Take on missions of “easy” and “medium” difficulty that you find in cities, but take missions only against robbers, avoiding battles with the “title” units of the area, as well as story missions (there are always high-level enemies there, eager to give you a beating).

Hand over the captured robbers to prison. In battle, you can capture any enemy, be it a person or an animal, however, having captured a robber, you can hand him over to prison for 60-100 gold coins (depending on the level and class). The Tiltren prison takes up to 3 robbers in 2 days, the Marheim prison takes up to 5 in 2 days. The number of prisoners is unlimited, but they will have to be fed and they will try to escape, so don’t get carried away. Tip: Immediately after the start of the game, go to the Tiltren Prison and buy 3 pieces. chains and they will pay off in the next battle.

Steal. If there is a thief in the squad, it will be possible to steal things from NPC inventory, break into chests and doors. Successful theft always raises suspicion and raises the squad's wanted level. Which, however, is easily extinguished by handing over prisoners to prison. Hence the simple logic: they took the task - they stole something - they caught the robbers - they turned over the robbers and removed suspicion - they took the money for the quest. You don’t need to steal a lot, steal what you need (lunch, a drink, a resource or a recipe), but regularly, which will make it easier for you to master the game. Place a camp chest, put stolen things in it and assign a thief to the chest so that he “launders” them and slowly sells them.

Craft. This is a task for more diligent players who are able to collect the resources of the game world along with other things, but the weapons you craft are well-valued and will allow you to earn 200-300 gold at the beginning of the game and even more later. Yes, this method works from time to time, but as soon as resources, such as iron or wood, fill your inventory, make weapons from them and sell them to the nearest merchant (prices for things are the same throughout the game world).

Save and sell all your unnecessary junk. Repairing armor from a blacksmith, as well as receiving treatment from a pharmacist, is cheaper than buying repair kits and health potions, even if the city is not close. Cooked food is more filling than its ingredients, so the cook and the cook will save more money than they ask for. Regularly clean your inventory of trinkets, gems, and low-level equipment.

How does the stamina system work?

An important element in the Wartales metagame is the stamina and movement system. While traveling through the game world, the squad uses up stamina and gains fatigue:

While it is full, the squad can run and walk at a fast pace. Having exhausted the reserve, the squad will reduce its speed to a slow walk, and when it has gained half of its fatigue, it will slow down to a very slow walk. When the scale overflows, companions will begin to die, so you will have to rest in any case. To do this, set up a camp.

The more things you do, the more battles you fight, or the further you go in the game world with one “stamina charge,” the better. This is especially important at the beginning of the game, for which:

First of all, open the accelerated movement - “Running” (holding Shift) and “Endurance Training” in the “Directory”. Don't be afraid that everything is closed in it. You gain knowledge points for him for any action, so at first try everything and you will have plenty of knowledge points.

The first two perks in “Paths” are also for speeding up the movement “Marathon” and “Endurance Run”. Later, take the “Thugs” perk to move faster through the forest while being wanted.

Roads speed up movement, and with all the perks, they speed up significantly. But their winding trajectory is not always optimal. Place hooks to straighten routes and create new ones. Hooks are cheap, and cutting them saves a lot of time and stamina. They also allow you to rest where no guards or other adversaries can reach you!

How to strengthen a squad at a rest stop

In addition to fatigue, the squad has happiness and valor points. The first affects the mood within the squad, the experience and influence gained, and also gives additional valor points for each stop. We recommend keeping it at a high level, paying salaries on time, feeding the fighters well, and fulfilling their food requirements (alcohol, meat, vegetables).

Food is probably a key parameter for the success of a squad because dishes of the second and third difficulty categories affect such characteristics (buff) as strength, agility, critical damage, running range, fatigue consumption, valor points, and others. Over time, the cook will learn to cook delicious dishes (the “deliciousness” label), such food buffs the squad even more.

Valor points used in battle - for which fighters use abilities - deserve more attention, replenish them constantly. Abilities will make any battle fleeting and winning. On the contrary, without Valor, even a simple battle will become difficult and take a lot of time.

Another question that plagues players is where to store things? You can’t carry much in your inventory, no matter what the weight limit is. Unfortunately, the game does not provide a separate base with bottomless basements. You'll have to stuff them into chests, bags, and boxes scattered throughout the game world. But there is a nuance.

Any chest, if you take things out of it and close it, will “close” forever and will become inaccessible for inspection next time. Leave at least one item, such as a flower, in the ransacked chest so that it continues to be considered “open”. And in the future, you will be able to unload all your swag there.

How to win at Wartales

The battle tactics in Wartales are simple: create an advantage in a local area by crowding one or two of your own groups onto one enemy group. The main task for a fighter is to engage the enemy in battle; give priority to archers and bosses. Next, he must either be crushed or captured. Captivity is a kind of one-shot. With a high chance of success, it takes out an enemy from the battle, finishing off which distracted 3-4 fighters. Thus, they are released and bind other enemies in battle.

Sometimes your fighters may find themselves surrounded by enemies right at respawn. In this case, place the most “thick-skinned” fighters in the environment, they have accumulated all the incoming damage, but do not attack yourself, so as not to further reduce the health of the surrounded fighters. Your task is to break the encirclement as quickly as possible by breaking through from the flank.

In fact, you can get an advantage even on the global map by attacking an unwary squad of enemies in the back. This happens when the enemies are in motion (not standing!) and the field of view is directed away from you, as is the movement vector. If successful, such a unit will be surrounded on the tactical map and lose initiative.

If in battle the enemies are significantly stronger than you, this almost always means that an error was made in the development or equipment of the squad. Recheck your equipment, take a different set of skills. However, fatigue, hunger and injuries will also not add power to your fighters. Or you won’t have any luck with the generated location for the fight - if you see that it’s inconvenient to fight, it’s better to immediately load the previous save and move the battle location to another point. It could be more spacious and easier.

Please note that creating new or more complex items (crafting) requires first making simpler ones. Only in this way will more complex recipes be available in the “Directory”, which means that it is not worth avoiding collecting resources and then processing them into things.

How to take prisoners in Wartales

Briefly about the difference in approaches:

  • Boar, wolf, bear and other animals are captured using ropes. The larger the target, the more of them you need - 3 is enough for a boar, 20 may not be enough for a bear. A bear is also a difficult target - it is easier to capture it after its health drops to 0, but it becomes very dangerous due to the transition to Berserker mode.
  • Rogues and other human-type NPCs are captured using chains (shackles). You can buy them in any prison, which we advise you to do right away - the sooner you start capturing robbers, the sooner you will hand them over to prison. Almost every detachment contains “experienced warriors” (star sign), who cannot be captured at all.
  • Captivity works for any class against any class.

The principle of taking prisoner is the same:

  • we bring the target's health down to below half (armor is ignored by capture);
  • we bind the target in combat, i.e. so that she fights with your fighter (it is important not to kill her completely);
  • While one is holding the target, we move our other fighter behind the enemy’s back (or from the side);
  • The capture button appears, click on it, bring it to the target, look at the chance of capture - this is usually from 65% to 99%. Depends on the remaining health points of the enemy and whether he is surrounded by his own or your fighters. It is advisable to perform with a chance of 75% or more, and at 65%, make a save.
  • Important! You can either capture or attack. A fighter sent to capture an enemy must not have previously made an attack. However, the process does not affect abilities; they can be used.

If the capture is unsuccessful, you will lose some ropes or chains in the process, so replenish them from time to time.

Where is the meeting place for pharmacists?

When you arrive in Marheim, a simple but unclear quest awaits you with the local doctor. Together with him, you need to visit a couple of places right there, in the kingdom of Vertruz, but the game does not explain anything, which is why it is not clear how to complete the task. Please note that for the game you are “recruiting” a pharmacist, you will have to feed him, but he will not participate in battles.

The quest consists of two stages. Actually, the meeting place for pharmacists - the character gives a map and says that he needs to be escorted to the place. It is located nearby, here is the route:

Point the cursor at the parking lot between the stones with blood stains (the game will prompt you to “explore”) - and after the dialogue, defeat enough skilled mercenaries. Rest before you start. As a result, they give you a golden key.

Now the most important thing is that we continue to go up the road against the flow of the river, past the stables and the mine (we don’t go there), to the Old Manor, which is on the mountain. There may be robbers or bandits running around on the approach - this is just filling the world, let them pass.

The task is to go into the Manor itself and, having arrived at the place, use the golden key to open the hatch to the basement. There will be another battle, more difficult than the previous one. Get ready.


We hope these tips will help you quickly understand the world of Wartales!