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Health and diseases in Starfield and how to cure them

 When you play Starfield, it is possible to develop illnesses or certain injuries that require medical attention. Here we will explain what you should do to cure them.

Health and diseases in Starfield and how to cure them

Your character in Starfield has, of course, a life and stamina or oxygen bar. These two meters are basic and do not need further explanation. However, there are also conditions that can make your character sick, and in this section of the guide, we are going to explain how to cure you.

How can you contract an illness or injury?

There are many conditions that can have an adverse effect on your character's health. There are chances of bleeding, breaking a bone, suffering from hypothermia, burns, radiation... Each one has different side effects: they can reduce your maximum life level, the ability to recover oxygen, your movement speed, etc. They contract in "logical" ways, for example, if you are in an area of ​​extreme cold and you do not have adequate thermal protection you develop hypothermia, if you fall from a considerable height you break a bone...

You can check the status conditions your character is suffering from by opening your inventory and pressing the contextual Status button, which you can see at the bottom of the screen.

In that section of the inventory, you will see the conditions you are currently suffering from if you are under the effect of one.

How to cure diseases?

There are three ways to cure diseases. The first is to have items from the Help section that cure that specific status ailment. They are easy to recognize because they have a specific color icon and the sign of the specific effect. You can see it in the Treatment section, and the description tells you this too.

If your character suffers from an ailment, when you check the items you will see the ailment under "Health", so you only have to match the icon on the item with the icon under "Health" to cure it. The second way is to simply let time pass. Most diseases are cured once enough time passes. The third way is to visit a doctor on planets where there is one (New Atlantis, for example) and use her services to cure all your altered states.