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How many endings does Starfield really have and how to watch them? - No Spoilers

 These are the factors of your Starfield journey that will affect the ending you see when you reach the end of your journey. There are three of them, and here we will explain to you without spoilers how they work.

Starfield is a very big game, but like any game, it has an ending. When you complete its main story, you will see an ending, and although your decisions have no impact on the story, some of them have a minor effect on the end of the game. Here, without spoilers, we are going to explain everything that affects the ending that you will see in Starfield. As a starter, there are three factors that determine the ending you will see.

How many endings does Starfield have and how to watch them

Technically, there is only one ending. Whatever you do, your character's fate will always be the same, unless you decide not to go to the end and continue playing calmly. That central ending is the same for the millions of people who are already playing it and it doesn't matter if you get there deciding one or the other. However, there are some small epilogues that will be different depending on the journey you have taken.

How many endings does Starfield have and how to watch them

First, there's your partner's ending. As you already know, there are four people with whom you can have a relationship. Depending on the point you manage to take that relationship to (it is even possible to get married or sleep with someone ). Thus, depending on where your relationship has reached, you will be able to see an epilogue of it. Of course, this means four additional ending options with more than one variant for each.

Then we have the matter of factions. For each of the factions you have interacted with you will see an ending. This addendum will depend on the choices you have made while completing its questlines (although the missions will always be the same, there are small variations in their development). If, to give an example, and we are not saying that this happens in the game, at the end of a faction's story you decide to execute a villain or let him go free, if you destroy an entire planet or make it come under dictatorial control... These Things determine the end of that faction. Obviously, in this case, there are tons of variants.

We will not detail the third factor because it would be an important spoiler. The only thing you need to know is that there will come a point where you have to choose between two very important NPCs. You will know who they are when the time comes, it is impossible to ignore it. Choosing one or the other will change the ending slightly, but we don't want to explain anything more precisely to maintain the fact that we don't want to spoil anything.

With this in your hands you can go look for different additional conclusions to your journey through the universe and jump into the NG+ to see... well, you'll find out.