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How to easily defeat the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight


How to easily defeat the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight

We are going to see in this Hollow Knight guide how to easily defeat the Broken Vessel, a main boss and necessary to obtain the Monarch Wings. We can find him in a room in the Ancient Basin, a dark area in the depths of Hallownest, the abyss, to the south of the full map.

We are going to see the main movements or attacks of the enemy and the strategy to kill him easily.

Strategy to Defeat the Broken Receptacle

This boss has 525 health, not much considering that we can already have several damage and life improvements. Let's go over his attacks, which he has several.

  • Slash: The Vessel moves forward while slashing with its Stinger. This destroys up to three-quarters of the arena, so try to jump over it or move away to the opposite corner.
  • Aerial Slash: This is the same as the lunge of the attack already mentioned, but first you will jump, so the horizontal blow will be in the air, it should be easy to dodge if you are on the ground.
  • Jumps and retreats: this boss will jump or try to reposition himself all the time, either to attack us or look for distances with us and prepare bigger attacks.
  • Lash: The Broken Vessel will strike four times with its Stinger in an arc above its head.
  • Diving Strike: The boss will jump and position himself in the air to land right on top of us. The force of the blow creates four infected blasts that rise in arcs after the blow.
  • Waterfall: The Broken Vessel will jump and position itself near the center of the arena. It will begin to shake its head back and forth, creating multiple infected droplets. This attack is performed by the boss only 3 times in the fight, indicative of when he has lost 25% of his total health.
  • Balloon: Finally, you can make an Infected Balloon appear when its life is very low. It is an attack that is simultaneous with other actions carried out by the boss, we will see infected drops that will come for us, until they hit, or after dodging for a few seconds they will disappear.

With this, we should defeat the Broken Receptacle and be able to advance to the monarch wings, a very relevant ability to kill other future bosses.

Our reward for defeating the Broken Vessel is as follows:

  • monarch wings