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How to Find All Artifacts, Audio Logs, Swords, Hidden Challenges and Memory Segments in Ghostrunner 2

How to Find All Artifacts, Audio Logs, Swords, Hidden Challenges and Memory Segments in Ghostrunner 2

 Ghostrunner 2 is a continuation of the popular action game with a first-person view, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. This time players will find even more enemies, levels, and secrets. In this guide, we've described how to find artifacts, swords, upgrade chips, audio logs, and hidden challenges.

Level 1: Uninvited Guests

At this level, you can find 5 artifacts, 2 swords, and 1 hidden challenge. In addition, a boss battle will become available immediately after this level. This is a story-based battle for which you will definitely receive a sword.

Artifact #1

Once you reach the entrance to the complex, go through the only door and turn right at the next door. The passage leads directly to the next task, but you need to find the ventilation passage. Climb inside and find the Recruitment Flyer artifact.

Artifact #2

Follow the story until you find yourself on a large platform with containers. The story marker leads to the left, and you need to move to the right and find the climb-up containers. Take the Energetic artifact.

Artifact #3

In the same area where you found the previous artifact, look to the left. You will see a rise to a small bright corridor - inside is the “Alternative Money” artifact.

Artifact #4

After going down the subway monorails, you will find yourself in front of two platforms with enemies. After getting rid of them, go to the door with the marker on it, but do not go inside. Turn right and climb higher. There is a ventilation hatch here - break it with a dash. So you will find the Tarot Cards artifact.

Artifact #5

After the previous item, you will have to go through a small obstacle course until you find yourself in front of several areas with enemies. Kill the first enemy, but do not rush to the second area. Instead, climb up to the ventilation shaft and smash the entrance with a dash. There is a “Fried Rat Meat” artifact behind the containers here.

Hidden Challenge #1

You will find this terminal immediately after you receive the first clue. There will be three large platforms with enemies in this area, as well as Artifact #5. You need to go through all the cyber gates in a short time. Depending on the time, you will receive a separate reward.

Sword No. 1

Immediately after finding the previous artifact, go through a small segment with obstacles. You will need to jump on the monorails and grab onto the hook. When you are on the pipes and first see the yellow bars, stop and turn around, then look down. Next to the pipe, you will see the entrance to the ventilation shaft, where the first Owl sword will be waiting for you.

Sword No. 2

Once on the next large area, run along the left side. There will be one enemy with a machine gun. Drop the billboard on it to reveal a hidden passage. Inside you will find the sword "TESA_BLOODBATH074".

Sword No. 3

You will receive the "Canceler" sword for defeating the first boss immediately after completing the "Uninvited Guests" level.

Level 2: Preparation

Starting from the second level, you will be able to find audio recordings and memory segments. Upgrade chips in Ghostrunner 2 are required to upgrade the motherboard and install new abilities. In addition, you will also have access to 1 sword.

Upgrade Chip #1

At the beginning of the second level, you will need to go through the ventilation shaft. This is where you'll find the first improvement segment - it's simply impossible to miss.

Audio recording No. 1

At the very beginning of the level, the game will offer you a short tutorial. After completing it, you will flush the water and get to the gate. Don't rush to go inside. Turn to the right and find two fans that can be used to reach the “Mystery” audio recording.

Upgrade chip #2

After flushing the water in the large hall, you will find yourself in the next location. Follow the mini-map to get to the chip. You'll pass by it in the story anyway, so just don't forget to pick it up.

Upgrade chip #3

A little later you will reach a fork. According to the plot, you need to go left, but we suggest going right and picking up the chip.

Upgrade chip #4

Having become acquainted with a new type of enemy, go down below and blow up the barrel (a tutorial will appear). Stand at the edge of the platform and look down. There's a chip here.

Audio recording No. 2

Continue to follow the level and meet new enemies. Once you destroy the fuel barrel to get rid of the two enemies, you can cross the rope to the opposite side. There are two fans at the end - climb them higher and follow the minimap to the "Conversion" audio log.

Hidden Challenge #2

Immediately after finding the previous audio recording, you will find yourself on three platforms with enemies. Kill everyone and find the terminal behind the large fan.

To complete the task you must destroy all red cubes in less than 30 seconds. We advise you to stay put - just rotate the camera to find the desired objects, then shoot at them.

Upgrade chips No. 5 and No. 6

When you reach three platforms with a hidden test terminal, throw shuriken at the blue button and jump onto the fan to climb higher. Here you will find two chips on platforms at once.

Sword No. 4

After the segment with the opening of the energy doors, you will find yourself in an area with two arenas. Immediately upon entering, you can see a sword on the upper level. To get here, you first need to defeat the enemies in the area on the right, switch the fans, and go to the left arena. Once you get to the top, don’t rush forward. Stop at the wall and run along it. You will receive the Metal Limb sword.

Upgrade chip #7

This chip is almost impossible to miss. Once you've passed the segment with the energy doors opening and the two platforms with enemies, use the grappling hook to get to the straight path. From the far platform, you will see a chip.

Level 3: Hacker's Lair

There will be no swords in this level, but you will find many memory segments, artifacts, and an audio recording. Here's the full list:

  • Memory segments (8);
  • Artifacts (3);
  • Audio recordings (1).

Upgrade Chip #8

At the beginning of the third level, deal with the only enemy and look to the right. Here you can run along the wall and get to the chip.

Upgrade Chip #9

After the first enemy segment, go through the two open doors and kill the only enemy with a shield. There is an improvement to the left behind the column.

Audio recording No. 3

Once in a large location, when you need to hack three terminals, turn on the fan in the back room and go higher. You will see a locked audio recording of “The Proposal” - you can get it by going around the building and breaking the ventilation grill.

Upgrade Chip #10

You can see this chip if you stand next to the audio recording that we described above. Just follow the pipes forward, then turn right. This will take you to the right platform.

Upgrade Chip #11

From the previous chip, go back and hack the ventilation grill. On the left you will see the same passage where the chip is located.

Upgrade chip #12

From the chip, follow down and interact with the console to remove the lock from the doors. Go outside and turn left. Go down and turn right. There will be a chip on the steps.

Artifact #6

Located in the same building as upgrade chip #9. You can pick it up if you go up to the roof of the nearest building and jump over to the next roof (the main path will be to the left, and you need to go to the right). Here, find an open ventilation shaft and jump straight into the room with the “Video Tape” artifact.

Upgrade chip #13

On the same roof where you found the entrance to the ventilation that leads to the artifact, go higher up the shelves. There's another chip here.

Artifact #7

From the same roof, you need to go to the left side of the location and climb higher to throw a shuriken at the button. Once you are on the next map, turn left. Behind the lasers, there is an artifact “Figurine of the Running Shadow”. You can get to it by breaking the wall nearby and also using the “Sensory Overdrive” skill to stop time.

Hidden Challenge #3

Return to the central part of the location where you hacked the first terminal. Go around the building on the left side and go down. At the dead end, you will find a terminal. To receive all rewards (currency and upgrade chip), you need to overcome all hyperrings in less than 40 seconds.

Upgrade chip #14

It is located on the left side of the location where you will end up in the story. This chip is impossible to miss.

Upgrade chip #15

But the next chip is hidden right behind the monorail from which you jump. Look behind the drawers on the left to find it.

Artifact #8

When you jump off the second monorail and deal with two enemies (with a pistol and a machine gun), do not rush to run along the walls, which are located in the next room. What you need to do is climb the wall. Otherwise, you will not get to the “Homemade Toy” artifact.

Note: If you missed this artifact, go back the same way and try again.

We are working on updating the guide right now.