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How to get all the endings in The Invincible - good, bad and true


How to get all the endings in The Invincible - good, bad and true

The Invincible is a story-driven walking simulator based on the novel Invincible by Stanislaw Lem. To diversify the plot, the developers decided to add several endings to the game. In this guide, we will describe all the available endings, as well as the conditions under which you can get them.

Attention! Spoilers!

Note: Below are all the endings that we independently managed to obtain while playing the game. However, some of them may not be available. We will update the guide as soon as more information becomes available. If you want to add to the guide, be sure to write about it in the comments.

What are the endings in The Invincible?

To begin with, you should understand that obtaining some endings depends on a number of decisions that you will make as you progress. Here are the key ones:

  • Should I give the cylinder to Gorsky or not? This is the very first significant choice in the passage, which will determine whether Gorsky dies or survives. If you want to save the scientist, give up your tank - a little later you will find an oxygen tank on the back of the Alliance all-terrain vehicle. Note that this action is not mentioned in either ending.
  • Go to the evacuation zone or to the Alliance base. If, after leaving the City, you go to the evacuation point, the Cricket will be damaged and you will not be able to fly into orbit in the final chapter.
  • Take a flask with flies or leave it in the conveyor. Having picked up the container, in the final stage of evacuation you will have another choice - leave the flies or take them into orbit.
  • Tell Rohitra the truth or lie. When the man catches Jasnah for the first time, several forks will be available to the player. If you lie, then in the end you will not be able to convince him not to launch rockets.
  • Take a syringe with a sedative or leave it. While exploring the residential complex of the Condor spaceship, you can find a syringe with sleeping pills. You will need it if you do not agree to nuking the front sights, but were unable to convince Rohitra not to launch the missiles.

How to get the true ending "Invincible"

This ending involves you dissuading a man from using nuclear warheads at gunpoint and staying with the crew until reinforcements arrive.

  • You need to be honest with Rohitra during the dialogue in the cave;
  • Do not agree with the man’s beliefs and explain at length that flies are the result of necroevolution;
  • Convince Rohitra not to use nuclear weapons.

After this, you can choose whether to escape to the Dragonfly using the lander, or remain with the group members while awaiting the arrival of the Invincible shuttle. The last option is the true ending.

To do this, in the final conversation with Novik, confirm that you will stay until help arrives. When Rohitra once again offers to go to the nest, also say that you will stay with him to wait for “Invincible”.

Do not allow nuclear weapons to be used and go to the nest (good ending)

The necessary steps are almost the same as for getting the previous ending:

  • Approximately in the middle of the passage, when you find a cargo with material for research (flies), take the flasks with you. There will be two options available, you should not select "I'll leave the flies here";
  • You need to be honest with Rohitra during the dialogue in the cave;
  • Do not agree with the man’s beliefs and explain at length that flies are the result of necroevolution;
  • Convince Rohitra not to use nuclear weapons.
However, immediately after the guy enters the elevator, you can talk with Novik. The player will have two consecutive choices: if you say that you are going to the Dragonfly, you will get a different ending. Tell him that you are staying, and when you put Rohitra in the long-term recovery chamber, tell him that you must go to the Hive.

Do not allow nuclear weapons to be used and evacuate (good ending)

It is enough to comply with all the conditions described in previous finals. But besides this, you should not visit the evacuation zone earlier so that the Cricket remains intact. When Rohitra refuses to fire the missiles, select the Evacuate option. Since you have not disturbed the swarm, the mechanic will have time to transfer the living crew members and fly away.

Do not allow nuclear weapons to be used (sleeping pills) and stay (good ending)


  • On the way to the bridge, inspect the cells and the medical block, where you can find a syringe with sleeping pills;
  • Take the syringe with sleeping pills;
  • Don't be frank with Rohitra;
  • Do not try to convince him and do not take his side (response options that complete the dialogue).

When Rohitra is neutralized, select “Stay Wait for Invincible.” In the final scene, the man will come to his senses and threatens Jasnah with a weapon to get answers. But the game will end before these answers are given.

Prevent the use of nuclear weapons (sleeping pills) and evacuate (bad ending)

The conditions are the same as for getting the previous ending, only this time in a conversation with Novik, select “Evacuate”. You will be given a choice:

  • Leave the journal to Rohitra;
  • Go to the landing site.
Once again, we note that this will not affect the post-credits scenes in any way, since you will not receive a cutscene or any comics.

Allow nuclear weapons to be used and evacuate (bad ending)

This ending can be obtained under any circumstances if you immediately went to the Alliance base (skipped visiting the evacuation zone). You can explain the theory of necroevolution to Rohitra, but agree with his beliefs. In this case, it will be possible to activate the installation and press the “red button,” which will lead to the launch of nuclear warheads.

After a short scene, it will become clear that the flies cannot be destroyed, and the nanobots themselves will become hundreds of times more numerous. When Rohitra goes after her party members, enter the elevator and go up to the upper level. The escape capsule will be waiting here. Without waiting for the others, get in and close the airlock.

Allow nuclear weapons to be used and die (bad ending)

To get this ending, it is enough to agree with Rohitra and launch a nuclear strike on a cluster of flies. When you open access to the landing pad, go up and interact with the airlock closing handle, but do not use it. Answer Novik that you must wait for the others. After some time, the swarm will be close enough for Jasnah to faint and die.

Go to the evacuation zone, launch a nuclear strike and die (bad ending)

This ending assumes that Jasnah will not have the opportunity to evacuate the Condor shuttle, since the Cricket, launched earlier by Novik to evacuate the scientist, will be damaged upon landing. To get this ending in the middle of the game, you need to proceed to the evacuation zone, as Novik asks, and not immediately go to the Alliance base.

In the final chapter, agree with Rohitra or do not take and inject him with sleeping pills so that he will launch a nuclear strike on the swarm of flies. A few minutes later, the swarm will reach the Condor station and burst inside through the broken porthole. Heroes will die.

Evacuate and pick up flies

In any of the endings with evacuation, if in the middle of the game, you left yourself a flask with flies, you will have a choice: take the container with you or leave it on the planet.

Choosing the first option will probably lead to negative consequences (in the comic it is said that the flies became active during flight), since nanobots can multiply quickly, and they only need sunlight to function.

On the other hand, research into these unintelligent creatures may help restore the memory of the injured scientists on Regis III.

Evacuate and release flies

As noted earlier, if you refuse to throw away the flask with flies in the middle of the game, you will be able to throw it away in the escape ending. Surely this is the best solution in this situation, but according to Jasna herself, without research materials, it will be impossible to restore the memory and brain functionality of the injured comrades.


We will update this guide as soon as we find additional endings.