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How to get a Pro Live player upgrade in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team


How to get a Pro Live player upgrade in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 will receive a new card campaign for Ultimate Team, especially dedicated to Pro players of the soccer title.

One of the strong points of EA Sports FC 24 (and the FIFA saga) is that they always have something new to offer players. Of course, we are referring to Ultimate Team, the most popular game mode of the Electronic Arts simulator.

Since last November 10, the Triple Threat campaign has been available, and you surely remember the Vanguard campaigns for different positions on your team.

In this case, and although EA has not confirmed it yet, EA Sports FC 24 will receive a new campaign in the coming days. Of course, it is focused on professional (or Pro) soccer simulator players.

In this EA Sports FC 24 guide we explain everything you need to know about FC Pro Live, the game's new campaign that will begin in a few days, and how you can get an improved player card.

FC Pro Live: How Player Improvement Works

At the moment, EA has not announced this campaign for the Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24. However, good close sources assure that the FC Pro Live campaign will begin in the coming days.

Specifically, there is talk of Friday, November 17, with the possibility of it being delayed to the 23rd of this month. Keep in mind that the Triple Threat campaign was launched on November 10.

FC Pro Live is a campaign linked to the official EA eSports competition FC 24, which begins in February 2024. However, the previous events will begin in a few weeks.

If you are an EA Sports FC 24 Pro player, you are eligible to earn an upgraded player card from the FC Pro Live campaign. Not only are stand-alone cards included, but also SBC (squad building) challenges and packs.

The idea is that each Pro player chooses a player card (from those included in the campaign), which will be able to improve their overall rating and statistics as the matches progress.

We bring you an example with the player Achraf Hakimi, from PSG, whose general rating is 87:

  • Start of the campaign (November 17): 87
  • First update (November 28-29): 88
  • Second update (December 5-6): 88
  • Third update (December 5-6): 89
  • Fourth update (January 10, 2024): 90
  • Fifth and last update (February 7, 2024): 91

The FC Pro Open (the competition linked to this campaign) is expected to begin in February 2024, before the regional Pro Leagues competitions (from February to May), and the World Cup scheduled for June.

EA Sports FC 24 is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. At the moment, the Pro Live campaign has not been confirmed by Electronic Arts.