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How to Get Water – My Time at Sandrock

 Water is a vital resource in My Time at Sandrock. Whether it's watering your crops, cooking, and especially crafting, you'll need to know how to obtain and manage your water supply effectively. This guide will tell you all the methods to get water in the game.

How to Get Water – My Time at Sandrock

Methods for Collecting Water in My Time at Sandrock

At the start of the game, you will be quite limited in supplying your water tank. There are actually 3 different methods to obtain it easily.

Harvest dew manually

Dew is the simplest and most economical method of obtaining water. To harvest them, simply use your ax on balled cacti. Then use your workbench to turn the dew into water.

Use a dew collector

To save time and avoid doing everything by hand, you can make dew collectors that will collect dew for you every day. To get the recipe, go to the research center and give 8 CD-ROMs to Qi to get the crafting recipe three days later.

Via purchase at “World of Water”

The simplest, but most expensive, method is to buy water directly from the “Water World” store. This method will be especially profitable for you when you are more advanced and you have good sources of income. Still, pay attention to the market price so as not to buy it too expensive.

Take advantage of it, in 20/30 years there will be no more.