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How to level up and get money quickly in Starfield?

 Improving your character quickly is a topic that every Starfield player can be interested in. Here we will tell you the best methods to level up and get fast money legally.

Like any RPG worth its salt, in Starfield we have a level and money system, which will allow you to unlock new skills and trade to buy all kinds of objects. Of course, a player who is short on level or credits will find in this section of the guide the best systems to level up quickly.

How to level up and get credits quickly

To obtain PE (the experience points that make us level up) and credits at a speed that is, let's say, above normal, we have three systems.

Complete missions

Obviously, the first system to do this is to complete missions of all kinds. Go from planet to planet, accept activities, complete secondary missions or simply advance through the story. You get around a million credits by the time you finish the main missions, and you can easily level 20-30 with them alone. However, this may fall short compared to other ways to upgrade your character and get money.

Play as a bounty hunter

One of the quickest ways to level up and earn credits is to complete bounty hunter missions. To do so, look for a quest terminal like the one shown below.

Play as a bounty hunter

The first thing you should keep in mind is that each panel in each area has different missions, so you will not find bounty hunter missions in all of them. In our experience, the Cidonia bar panel on Mars (Sol) usually has one or two of these missions almost always, which are usually one to destroy ships and another to eliminate a valuable target in some location on the planet it touches.

Both destroying ships and eliminating enemies will give you a lot of XP and you will also be able to collect all the weapons and materials they leave in their wake. Specifically, eliminating enemies on the ground involves collecting tons of weapons and armor, which depending on the level of the objective, can lead to real fortunes.

Of course, the scanning missions give more rewards, but you must keep in mind that they require you to scan the planet 100%, which will take you much longer than going to an area or planet, eliminating the target, and selling the loot.

Hunt higher level or higher difficulty enemies

When you travel to a system, you will see its recommended level. Logically, the higher the level, the more XP and better rewards the enemies will drop. But also, if you increase the difficulty of the game (from the pause menu > Settings > Game > Difficulty), both the XP and the items carried by the enemies will be better. Of course, for obvious reasons, this is a considerable risk.