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How to Make Money Easily – My Time at Sandrock

 In My Time at Sandrock, money, known as Gols, is essential to expand your workshop, increase your inventory, or even acquire the resources necessary to create quest items. Here are some effective strategies to effectively increase your Gols.

How to Make Money Easily – My Time at Sandrock

How to easily earn a lot of Gols in My Time at Sandrock

There are several methods to earn gold, but as a beginner and over the entire duration of your game, here are the main ones that will offer you a comfortable income.

Main and secondary missions

This is the most obvious but it's always worth remembering, especially since these missions don't always reward you with Gols, but they can offer significant amounts when they do. They also allow you to progress in the story and improve your relationships with the inhabitants. So it's a good way to earn money with nice bonuses.


From the start of the game, accept commissions via the Commerce Guild commission table. These missions offer Gols, EXP, and other items. Commissions become more lucrative as you unlock new craftable items, sometimes reaching up to 2,000 Gol in earnings. Also, favor commissions that can be easily accomplished by purchasing the required materials to save time. Of course, the gain must be greater than the investment. You can also earn more Gols by unlocking skills in the “Knowledge” tab of the menu, then Relationships. “Knowledge of fast delivery” gives you, for example, 5% extra gols if the commission is fulfilled the same day.

Resale of objects

There are a number of items that sell for a good price in My Time at Sandrock. The weapons you can craft with your workbench are a good example. The materials are often very easily accessible and do not require a lot of time and effort. You can also broaden your horizons by selling crops, animals, or fish when you go fishing.

Just keep in mind that it is essential to sell when market prices are high. The percentage changes daily so be patient if you ever have stock to sell. Also, pay attention to the amount the stores have available. Market prices and store Golds are shown at the bottom left when interacting with a cash register. Below is an example of when prices are high and when prices are low.

You now know what to do if finances are not in good shape.