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How to sell things and scrap metal in Lethal Company - how to make money quickly


How to sell things and scrap metal in Lethal Company - how to make money quickly

Lethal Company's gameplay focuses on the extraction and sale of scrap metal and other items that can be found in various locations. But it is important to understand when is the best time to sell your loot in order to earn as much as possible. In order not to lose your earnings and increase your capital, we have prepared a guide in which we will tell you how and when to sell items in Lethal Company.

In Lethal Company, players take on the role of an employee of a corporation that mines scrap metal on abandoned moons. The funds earned will go towards exploring new, more dangerous planets or upgrading your ship. During your travels, you will have to explore new fauna and also beware of numerous dangers. The game emphasizes teamwork with other players and a strategic approach to completing tasks, as this is necessary to ensure survival and success in very difficult conditions.

How to sell things and scrap metal

To sell items to Lethal Company, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Get to the ship and go to the terminal.
  2. Enter the command “Moons” followed by “Company”.
  3. Click "Confirm".
  4. The transporter will go to the base, where you need to leave the ship and go to the store counter.
  5. Place the items being sold and complete the transaction (to do this, interact with the bell on the counter).

When the creature processes your goods, you will receive payment. However, you should be careful: this monster behind the counter can release tentacles that can even deprive you of a team member. Also, be sure to meet the quota, because failure to meet the quota will result in disciplinary action from the company.

When is the best time to sell items?

As we have already said above, in order to sell any item or found scrap metal, you need to go to the company’s base. The selling price of finds will always change:

  • On the first day you will receive only 30% of the cost of resources;
  • On the second day 77% of the full cost;
  • On the third day the cost will be 100%.
Proper timing of sales depending on the map and the volume of production will have a significant impact on your gaming strategy and final income. However, if you find a large number of resources and items, even early sales will be quite profitable. If players have met their quota in the early days, we recommend getting rid of all items to collect even more loot.

When is the best time to sell items

Of course, to make quick money, it is best to sell items on the last day of the game cycle, only if you do not plan to explore more dangerous moons. But each new task is fraught with various dangers, so do not be greedy, otherwise, you can lose everything, and also be prepared to make decisions depending on your own preferences.

How to make money quickly

In Lethal Company, the best time to sell your loot depends largely on your playstyle and how many items you've collected. The choice between selling early or selling late should be based on strategic planning to maximize profits.

How to make money quickly

Explore as many rooms as possible

Each specific object in Lethal Company will have to be explored independently. It could be an abandoned factory, station or logistics hub with a huge number of rooms and premises. Typically, the most valuable items lie in the far corners of locations, so when inspecting it is worth looking into each room. Some of them will certainly be empty, but with each of them the likelihood of finding expensive items increases.

Beware of monsters

The types of monsters in Lethal Company vary depending on the moon you are on. Some enemies are unique to certain missions, and later-stage companions such as Dyne and Rend, while more difficult and dangerous, provide opportunities to make some good money.

Beware of monsters

Distribute loot among players

If you are playing in co-op, we do not recommend carrying all the loot alone. This can lead to a rapid increase in fatigue and a decrease in overall movement speed. Divide items between team members and ensure all loot slots are fully loaded before leaving. It is recommended to fly ahead of schedule only when the level of danger is high, which can make further exploration and collection of resources very risky.

Monitor weather conditions

Before selecting tasks, you can track information about weather conditions on the company terminal. We recommend avoiding operations in storm conditions or when there is a threat of flooding because water very quickly floods even the internal areas of locations. In this case, there is a risk of encountering an ocean flood, which will inevitably lead to the death of the entire expedition. To minimize the risks when researching in extreme conditions, it is recommended to reach the quota and sell the accumulated items before the disaster occurs, preferably in the first two days.

Prepare before the task

At the terminal, players can purchase special items that greatly increase their effectiveness. Thanks to the latest updates to the game, you can now attack or neutralize enemies, which can be a decisive factor for survival in difficult situations.

Prepare before the task

First of all, buy a flashlight, because underground rooms will often be very dark. Once you've earned a little extra money, stock up on grenades and other tools to suit your goals and gaming preferences. But if you are not sure of achieving the norm, we advise you to save money to avoid accidental loss of progress due to death or lack of resources.