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How to share your PS4 and PS5 screenshots and videos on social networks now that it is no longer possible to upload them directly with Twitter/X


How to share your PS4 and PS5 screenshots and videos on social networks now that it is no longer possible to upload them directly with Twitter/X

Twitter (X) does not work on PS5 or PS4 as of November 13, 2023, but you still have methods to share your screenshots and videos on social networks, and the most convenient is through the PS app.

The ability to share screenshots or clips of our games on Twitter was one of the great advances of the last generation of consoles, which increasingly connected to social networks. But that feature, which has already been disabled on Xbox, will also be leaving PlayStation.

Starting November 13, 2023, integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) will no longer work on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, Sony announced this week. 

This includes the ability to view content posted to X on PS5/PS4, and the ability to post screenshots and videos to X directly from PS5/PS4. Since 2019, the integration with Facebook has not work.

Twitter is (or was) for many the social network of reference, but fortunately, we have quite a few alternatives, whether we want to share images on other social networks, or if we want to continue doing so from Twitter/X.

How to share images and videos on social networks from PlayStation 5 and PS4

As of November 13, this convenient function will disappear, but fortunately, we are quite covered if we have the official PlayStation apps installed on our mobile (and the same goes for the Xbox One).

On the one hand, the integration with YouTube continues to work normally. It works the same as with Twitter until now: press the Share button and open a social tab where you can link your YouTube account to upload videos directly.

In the end, the most useful thing if you want to continue sharing your screenshots on Twitter is to upload them to the PS App, download them from the mobile app, and then share them directly from your social networks.

Fortunately, PlayStation 5 automatically uploads all our screenshots (1920x1080) and videos of less than 3 minutes to the cloud, which we can consult from the mobile PS App.

When you install the app and log in with your PSN account, it should automatically work, but you can also link your PS5 to the app by going to Settings - Console management - Link console with app.

These captures will only be saved for 14 days, and here you can download them directly to your mobile phone to share them however you want.

Share images on PS4 or PS5 via USB

Unfortunately, the function of saving screenshots to the cloud with the PS App does not work with the old PS4. In this case, you will have to save them to a USB device. Insert a USB device, go to the image gallery and in the same way, choose which ones you want to copy to the external device.

Of course, on PS5. The rest of the older screenshots and videos, as well as longer videos, can be uploaded directly from the PS5 File Gallery , press the settings menu (three ellipses) and upload them to the USB device.