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Hwei from LoL compared to Invoker on Dota: A worse copy?

 Hwei, the new LoL character is compared to Invoker in Dota, but then why this comparison? We tell you everything in this article.

League of Legends ' newest champion, Hwei, is a human mage designed to be played midlane with over 10 unique spells. Discover the full list of spells in our dedicated article. However, if you have already played Dota 2, this character might remind you of Invoker on Dota 2.

During a presentation of Hwei and his skills, the developers at Riot Games who worked on the new champion admitted to being aware of Invoker, but that Hwei was never intended to be the version of this character in LoL. We'll return to the parallel between Hwei and Invoker.

Is Hwei from League of Legends inspired by Invoker on Dota?

Designer Myles Shalholm mentioned that an early version of Hwei actually had you choose a paint color, tying into his history as a painter mage, and a shape to cast a corresponding spell. This unique story seems even more similar to Invoker and the way it mixes its elements, but Riot's final design moved away from this idea. Instead, Hwei's nine core skills are broken down into three distinct categories.

There are undeniably similarities between Hwei and Invoker, especially when it comes to the number of spells they can cast. But unlike Invoker, Hwei has three sets of spells with a shared cooldown. This requires thought about choosing the most necessary spell, knowing that this will put the other two on cooldown.

Compared to other recent champions like Naafiri who aimed to be "simple to play", Hwei is on the "difficult" side and will require some time to master. None of his skills seem exceptionally powerful on their own, Hwei prefers to chain spells and effects in a single fight.

Balancing Hwei and his ten spells seems like a colossal task on Riot's side, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him fluctuate between OP and too weak during his first few months in the game. That is until the Players and Riot Games understand how it will be played at all levels.