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Lies of Q: How do you get to Rosa Isabelle Street to start Chapter 6?

 This is what you must do to locate the entrance to Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P, the point where you begin the sixth chapter of the game.

Lies of P presents us with a story that advances by chapters, which can be seen in the Stargazer divisions, marked in groups with an I, II, or III... the end of each zone takes you to the next, but when If you want to go from Chapter 5 to Chapter 6, you will find yourself back at the Krat Hotel. In order to move forward you have to locate Rosa Isabelle Street, which is easy to find... if you know what you are looking for.

How do you get the key to Rosa Isabelle Street?

First, you need the Rosa Isabelle Street Key, a key item. After Big Brother of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, reaches the end of Malum Town Hall and returns to the Krat Hotel, he talks to Geppetto. Now you must go to the ground floor and look for Antonia in the long room, next to the Stargazer.

How do you get the key to Rosa Isabelle Street

When you talk to her, she will give you the Key to Rosa Isabelle Street.

Where is the Rosa Isabelle Street entrance?

The game is very funny because it doesn't tell you where the entrance of the street you are looking for is, it simply assumes that you will think of looking for the Krat Hotel after reading the description of the key. All you have to do is go up the stairs to the ground floor and turn right. As soon as you turn the corner, go straight ahead and you can use the key on the door at the back.

From here, simply head down the hallway until you open the door at the back, where you'll see a loading screen. As soon as you finish launching the area, you will be at the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance, where Chapter 6 begins.