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Logo 700t and 2.4 Salty Fortnite: where to find images for your clan on Tiktok?

 Do you want to pledge allegiance to the 700t or the 2.4 Salty with their logo? We give you the clan logos in this article.

The Fortnite hype is back with a vengeance with the OG season, an era that redefines the standards of the game. The nostalgic appeal of this season was a resounding success, crystallized by the return of Tilted Towers and Salty Springs. At the heart of this renaissance, two clans emerge 700t and 2.4 Salty, who have become cultural icons in the gaming universe.

Fortnite's OG season reignited players' passion with the return of iconic locations and the rise of the 700t and 2.4 Salty clans. If you want to pledge allegiance and put your clan logo on social media.

700t and 2.4 Salty: where to find the logos?

700t and 2.4 Salty Fortnite has transformed into a real battlefield where two clans, 700t and 2.4 Salty, reign supreme. Here they are and here's how to identify them:

  • 700t stands out with its brash logo, a bold representation that embodies the fighting spirit of Tilted Towers.
700t and 2.4 Salty: where to find the logos

  • 2.4 Salty displays a logo that evokes resilience and ingenuity, reflecting the rusticity of Salty Springs.
700t and 2.4 Salty: where to find the logos

The rise of 700t and 2.4 Salty goes beyond the scope of the game:

  • TikTok has become a breeding ground for these clans, where strategies and identities are reinforced.
  • Alliances and rivalries between satellite cities shape the Fortnite map, influencing game strategies.
In this era of Fortnite, it's no longer enough to be the strongest; you also have to be the most strategist:

  • Cities like Shifty Shafts and Retail Row play a crucial role as spy cities.
  • Secret alliances and diplomacy are as crucial as combat skills.
Fortnite continues to weave its cultural web through clans like 700t and 2.4 Salty. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, finding and displaying these logos is an act of loyalty to your chosen clan.