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LoL: How to pronounce the name of the new League of Legends character?

 Hwei is the 166th character in League of Legends and his name is a big debate in League of Legends. We'll explain how to pronounce it.

Hwei, the midlaner mage from Iona uses paint to inflict damage, grant shields to his allies, and even control the thoughts of his opponents! With a combo of more than ten possible spells and a breathtaking ultimate, don't underestimate the power of an artist who wants to express himself.

Hwei's genesis stems from three distinct concepts: that of an artist mage, a melancholic antihero, and a human mid-laner mage without physical features like Ryze.  After explaining his spells to you and giving you his release date, we explain to you how to pronounce Hwei's name in League of Legends. 

How to pronounce "Hwei" in League of Legends?

Hwei, whose name is probably inspired by Asia, poses a problem for many players. Is it “Hou-éi”, “Hwai”, or maybe something completely different? League of Legends designers often draw inspiration from various cultures to create unique champions. In Hwei's case, Asian elements may influence the correct pronunciation of his name.

Although the precise pronunciation may vary depending on the region, a common attempt to pronounce "Hwei" would be close to "Hou-éi". Be sure to emphasize the "Hw" at the beginning and pronounce the vowel "e" as in "doctor." Pronouncing the H is also important. Watch a video that explains how to pronounce the word below: 

You can also find the official League of Legends EN narrator pronouncing the character's name below:

Finally, don't be too hard on yourself if you have trouble pronouncing his name, we remember that the same situation happened with Illaoi or Akshan.