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Maestro TFT in Set 10: the original effects and champions

 Maestro arrives with TFT Set 10! What are the effects of this origin, and who are the champions who share it? Find the complete sheet.

Set 10 adds around sixty new champions, as well as new classes and origins. Maestro is one of the origins of this new ensemble. The patch-adding set 9 is scheduled to arrive on the official servers on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

Do not hesitate to go to our article containing all the information on Set 10  to find out everything about the different new features.

Maestro, new origin of TFT Set 10

Maestro is a new origin added during Set 10 of TFT. Below you can find the champions who share this origin to create synergies in your compositions. Also, find the bonuses of this origin depending on the number of units on your board. Note that this data comes from the PBE and will change between now and the release of Set 10.


(1) Jhin has an attack speed of 0.9 and converts 1% attack speed bonus into 0.5% attack damage. 

When he sets the pace, Jhin's guns fire at the same rate and he gains 10 Mana per volley. Every fourth volley deals 200% damage.


Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler strategy game developed by Riot Games and based on the game  League of Legends . The game is currently in Set 10 , called Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble!