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Meta season 14 LoL: who are the champions who will dominate the season?

 Season 14 with its new items and its new map will shake up the meta and the characters of League of Legends. Discover our tier list.

Recently, Riot Games posted the trailer for season 14 and introduced us to new, old, and current items that change. In addition to the new map and new monsters, we will also welcome  Hwei, the Visionary, the 166th champion of League of Legends.

With all these changes, the meta risks being shaken up and champions who were previously strong could well find themselves at the bottom of the rankings and vice versa. In anticipation of this new map and these new items, here is the potential meta that awaits you on League of Legends in season 14!

League of Legends Season 14 Meta: Who will be the best champions? Tier list

At the moment, the Season 14 patch has only just reached the League of Legends test servers, so it's difficult to define a "meta" or list of the best champions in the game. However, thanks to the level changes of the map, but also of the objects, we can expect a dominant meta for mages.

Assassins will also be able to discover new interesting objects that will allow them to inflict even more damage, especially since the stopwatch has been removed. With Opportunity which allows you to chain kills and the return of the Brutalizer, Zed's hands are happy!

League of Legends Season 14 Meta: Who will be the best champions? Tier list

On the mages side, we have items like Stormwave, Sepsis for ultimates more often and which do more damage, and Shadowflame which allows you to inflict critical damage.

On the ADC side, not many changes and new objects where the Toplane received lots of items, changes, and above all a new card that encourages you to play top! With Void Larvae and Moths, the new Rift Herald, and Void Camps, top players will finally have their top jungler! Early characters have never been more loved than for his Larvae which increases the damage dealt on turns for the whole team.