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Moonstone Island Release Date on Nintendo Switch, when is the game coming out?

 In 2024, Moonstone Island will bring its magic to Nintendo Switch, offering adventure and mysteries on floating islands!

Fans of life simulation games and creature collecting, rejoice! Moonstone Island, the charming indie game, will appear on Nintendo Switch in spring 2024. A captivating adventure awaits you in this open world dotted with floating islands.

Developed by Studio Supersoft and published by Raw Fury, Moonstone Island invites you to become an alchemist in a colorful universe inspired by the legendary works of Studio Ghibli. Prepare for a magical expedition where you will tame spirits, fight with cards, and create your home in the clouds.

Moonstone Island will be heading to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2024

In Moonstone Island, you will traverse a vast and mysterious sky, populated by unique characters and fascinating creatures. Travel in a balloon, on a flying broom, or in a glider to discover every corner of this procedurally generated world.

Build, decorate, and customize your home on one of the floating islands. This game allows you not only to explore but also to establish yourself and create a space that suits you.

Become an active member of the island community. Make friends, go on dates, and even find love. Additionally, you can tame wild spirits and train them to fight alongside you in card battles.

You'll explore mysterious dungeons, grow plants, and brew potions. As you progress, you will master unique skills and craft essential items for your survival.

Before its arrival on Nintendo Switch, Moonstone Island won over players on Steam with rave reviews. Its popularity testifies to the quality of its universe and its gameplay.

The arrival of Moonstone Island on Nintendo Switch is exciting news for fans of life and magic simulation games. With its rich and diverse open world, it promises hours of discovery and adventure. Keep an eye out for updates and get ready to dive into this fantasy world in Spring 2024!