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MW3 Zombies: The best weapon XP farming and Battle Pass glitch to date

 Discover the MW3 Zombies glitch that will make your weapon and battle pass XP farming much more effective! On the program, lots of auto turrets and an extraction point.

MW3 Zombies: The best weapon XP farming and Battle Pass glitch to date

What if we duplicated our turrets?

First of all, start a game of zombies with a weapon that you have not yet mounted.

Then, you will have to buy the automatic turret in a shop in the yellow zone for 2000 points. To quickly reach 2000 points, make a few contracts.

Once the turret has been purchased, head to an extraction point in the gray zone and carry out the following operation: 

  1. Equip the turret as if you wanted to place it 
  2. Open your menu and go to the turret icon.
  3. Press the “Drop” button to leave the object on the ground. At the same time, press the activation key.
  4. You will therefore place your turret while releasing it. Finally, pick up the turret that you left on the ground.
  5. Repeat the operation, placing the turrets at strategic points in your extraction.
  6. Extraction will attract zombies, do as many as possible by not taking the chopper and waiting for the green smoke to return.

Remember that this Glitch is not 100% afk since you will have to replace the turrets that have taken too much damage.

You are finally able to farm your weapons and your battle goes as efficiently as possible! 

We hope this guide has been useful to you, good luck in the agent apocalypse.