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My Hero Academia reveals the name of the second bearer of One For All


My Hero Academia reveals the name of the second bearer of One For All

The final arc of My Hero Academia has not been wasted, since it has brought great surprises that have made these events a true wonder since several unexpected twists have arisen in the midst of this relentless war against All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, who along with the other villains have caused great havoc everywhere.

Likewise, the last chapters of My Hero Academia have been loaded with a lot of action and very emotional moments, since Katsuki Bakugo had a perfect return in the middle of the climax of the final battles, joining Deku to finish off All once and for all. For One and Tomura Shigaraki.

But this is not the only interesting thing that the My Hero Academia manga has had, since the most recent chapter has made one of the most anticipated revelations by the fandom since the name of the second user of the One has finally been revealed. ForAll.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #406 of the My Hero Academia manga.

The name of the second One For All user has been revealed

The name of the second bearer of One For All has been revealed in the most recent chapter
The name of the second bearer of One For All has been revealed in the most recent chapter

Since the beginning of My Hero Academia, some mysteries have been brewing as the plot has developed, One For All being one of them, since despite some details about this quirk and its bearers being known, the identity of some of these users remained a complete enigma.

As we have mentioned, one of the biggest enigmas around One For All is the identity of the second and third user of this quirk, because although their appearance was shown, no more details were given about their origin and identity, being This is a big doubt in the fandom that has finally been clarified in the most recent chapter of the manga.

And it is that, in Katsuki Bakugo's final battle against All For One, it has been seen that the fearsome villain seems to have revived some memories of his controversial and enigmatic story with the second user of One For All, and all thanks to Bakugo, who It has made him relive these moments, due to the great similarity that the explosive hero has with the second bearer of the OFA.

During this confrontation, Bakugo's determination and spirit remind All For One of his encounter with the second user of One For All, since everything seems to indicate that the explosive hero and this one have great similarities that confirm the connection that exists between the two. , unleashing a series of flashbacks in AFO that make him relive the hatred he feels for the second bearer.

The name of the Second User of One For All is Kudo, since the fearsome All For One has revealed him by having these flashbacks and confusing him with Bakugo, if it had not been for the second bearer, One For All would not have existed, which is why which, AFO feels a deep hatred for him, since, apparently, he was a great obstacle to this antagonist's plans at the time.

Furthermore, the parallels that exist between Bakugo and Kudo, the second user of One For All, have led All For One to relive one of the worst moments of his life, since the explosive hero has been evolving his abilities exponentially, to the point that the villain is confusing him with his great enemy, so the enigma surrounding the history of Kudo and AFO could be about to be revealed.

Without a doubt, this revelation has been very surprising, since the name of the second user of One For All has finally been revealed, which was a complete enigma, providing greater context of this character and the relentless battle that generation after generation has fought against All For One.

It should be noted that the name of the third One For All user remains an enigma, which could be revealed very soon as more details are revealed about the surprising and shocking battle between All For One and Kudo.