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My Hero Academia reveals the secret behind Bakugo's secret power


My Hero Academia reveals the secret behind Bakugo's secret power

Chapter after chapter, the My Hero Academia manga never stops surprising fans, since the final war has been full of amazing moments that have marked a before and after in history, since, to the surprise and joy of many, Bakugo has had a perfect return, after having been out of action having died in his confrontation against Tomura Shigaraki, so the explosive hero is back with more strength and determination than ever.

Likewise, after his return, Bakugo has decided to confront All For One, the fearsome villain who has been wreaking havoc everywhere in his desire to carry out his disastrous plan, which seems to be full of unforeseen events that have completely changed the King's expectations. The demon seems to be eager to take over Tomura Shigaraki's body once and for all.

However, the most recent chapter has shown a Bakugo determined to stop and put an end to this villain once and for all, as the explosive hero has once again demonstrated exponential growth in his abilities during this confrontation, revealing the secret behind his new power with which he has put All For One in great trouble.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #406 of the My Hero Academia manga.

The secret behind Katsuki Bakugo's new power has been revealed

As we have already mentioned, Bakugo was out of action for a while after having died during his confrontation against Tomura Shigaraki in which he gave a brief demonstration of the increase he had acquired in his abilities by evolving his quirk, as the explosive hero did everything possible for trying to stop this villain, showing great courage.

However, Bakugo's return has served to demonstrate the continuous development that this hero has been experiencing throughout the series since he evolved his quirk before dying fighting Shigaraki, and now, in the middle of his battle against All For One has begun to harness his evolved power, discovering how it works.

And, in the most recent chapter, it has been shown how Bakugo seems to understand his new power since he has been experiencing side effects of his evolved quirk, since the pain he has been feeling that runs through his entire body allows him to track every of his explosions more easily, controlling them effectively and making better use of them.

Bakugo has noticed that his evolved quirk and the changes he has been experiencing could help him overcome Deku, as he has exponentially increased his power, to the point of taking All For One by surprise, becoming a great obstacle and worthy opponent of this villain.

It should be noted that, since the beginning of My Hero Academia, Bakugo has made it clear that his quirk was one of the most powerful in the series since the explosive young man showed his abilities throughout the work, which have increased exponentially in this final arc, to the point of being able to confront All For One, who possesses immeasurable power.

Katsuki Bakugo has become an important piece during this final war since the explosive hero is fighting his most important battle against All For One, which seems to have been predestined since hints have been given of the young hero's possible connection with the second user of One For All, which makes the controversial UA student have a more relevant role during these events.

Without a doubt, Bakugo is one of the most prominent characters in the series, since he has demonstrated the scope of his evolved quirk, which has given him an exponential increase in his powers with which he has put All For One in great trouble. , foreshadowing that the explosive hero will be the one to finish off the fearsome villain.