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My Hero Academia reveals that there is a surprising student who is at the level of a hero


My Hero Academia reveals that there is a surprising student who is at the level of a hero

Throughout the chronology of My Hero Academia, it has been seen that the various students who live in the series have been exponentially increasing their skills all thanks to their continuous training and efforts in their battles against the villains who have caused havoc everywhere

Likewise, the final arc of My Hero Academia has given great development to each of the students in the series, who have demonstrated their worth and commitment to preserving peace, as they have had to deal with the fearsome and dangerous villains that They have accompanied All For One and Shigaraki in this relentless war.

However, the most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga has revealed that the great power shown by one of the students confirms that he is at the level of a professional hero, a detail that places him as one of the strongest characters in the game. series at his young age.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #406 of the My Hero Academia manga.

Fumikage Tokoyami has been confirmed to be at the level of a Professional Hero

As we have mentioned, the students of My Hero Academia have made their way through different battles in which they have demonstrated their great determination and exceptional skills, which have helped them shine in the midst of combat, as is the case by Fumikage Tokoyami, who gave a small taste of his enormous potential, being able to fight a confrontation against All For One.

It is well known that during his amazing battle against All For One, Fumikage Tokoyami proved to have a level far above that of the rest of his companions, since this young student managed to cause great damage to the Demon King, cornering him for a long period. of time, forcing him to have to resort to Eri's "Rewind" quirk to heal from the overwhelming damage caused by Tokoyami 's attack.

Everything seems to indicate that Tokoyami's feat against All For One left a great mark on this villain since the most recent chapter of the manga has shown the fearsome villain rushing to reach Shigaraki while being chased by Bakugo, who is attacking him several times... However, the Demon King comments that the explosive hero's abilities do not cause him as much pressure as Endeavor or Tokoyami's "Dark Shadow. "

All For One's statements confirm that Tokoyami is at the level of professional heroes, as the fearsome villain has made it clear that the "Dark Shadow" caused enormous damage to him, to the point that the Demon King praised him for his great power, these being a conglomeration of details that indicate that Fumikage is on par with heroes like Endeavor and All Might.

It should be noted that Tokoyami and his powerful quirk were key to stopping All For One for a period of time since the abilities of this young student forced the Demon King to take extreme measures to avoid his death, since the impact of the Dark Shadow It was so great that he had to use the gift "rewind" to heal his wounds, so Fumikage's actions served to push AFO to the limit.

Without a doubt, the fact that Fumikage Tokoyami is a student who is at the level of a professional hero is amazing and well deserved, since he managed to become an obstacle for All For One, being a real threat for this villain who seems to remember the impact of the great power of the Dark Shadow.

On the other hand, in the middle of the final battle of All For One and Bakugo , the name of the second user of One For All has been revealed , this being a detail highly anticipated by the followers, who were waiting for more information regarding to this enigmatic character who has been an object of interest since his appearance.