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New Alan Wake 2 patch fixes over 200 bugs and apologizes for 'very annoying' bug


New Alan Wake 2 patch fixes over 200 bugs and apologizes for 'very annoying' bug

More than 200 bugs have been fixed in the new patch for Alan Wake 2 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, and Remedy has apologized for a bug that it admitted was particularly annoying.

Unlike the last patch for Alan Wake 2, which only contained vague "bug fixes" and a "friendlier error message", the latest patch lists everything in detail. There's a lot to be found here, from general improvements like "minor gameplay tweaks" and "improved lighting" to more specific fixes related to issues like characters flying out of the game world or getting stuck in certain environments.

One of these corrections in particular just can't help but make you laugh. "Fixed an issue where the echo in the Oceanview Hotel lobby was not positioned correctly (very annoying, we apologize)." We forgive you, Remedy. We forgive you.

If you have any specific issues with Alan Wake 2 that are preventing you from playing, you can check out the full patch on Remedy's website to see if they've been fixed. As has been reported many times before, the large number of bugs in Alan Wake 2 has been a sore point, despite positive reviews from critics and players.

It's great to see Remedy working hard on such a major patch just days after launch, especially since the performance issues here are actually relatively minor compared to some other games that I don't want to mention here.

And while Alan Wake 2 will have two expansions coming out next year, Remedy is already starting to turn its attention to other projects, including the untitled Control sequel, which is still in the proof-of-concept stage, a Max Payne remake, which “has moved to the stage of readiness for production,” and some other projects.