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New Game+ in Starfield: Changes, rewards, weapons and exclusive ships

 This is what you should take into account when deciding or not to switch to Starfield's New Game+, NG+, or New Game+ mode since there are a series of advantages and disadvantages when doing so

As much as Starfield is a great game, like any other it has an ending. Luckily for those who want to continue playing, this time you have NG+, New Game+, or Nueva Partida+, whatever you want to call it. However, it is not like other games, and that is why it is important to understand what happens when you go to NG+ in Starfield. We will warn you of spoilers before doing so, but for now, you can continue reading without fear.

How is NG+ activated?

Once you have reached the quest A Giant Step, you will be able to build the Armillary, a special artifact. With it activated, the next time you do a gravity jump you will reach the end of the game, and they will warn you in case you want to avoid it.

How is NG+ activated

They will still give you a second chance to back out. When you reach the area where the end of the game takes place, you can simply return the way you came or walk toward the ball of light at the bottom of the screen, which will inevitably send you to the NG+.

What is kept and what is lost when moving to NG+?

We continue without spoilers that do not have to do with the direct mechanics of the first game. When you move to NG+, you should keep in mind that almost everything is lost. The complete list of what you keep and what you lose is as follows:

What will you still have in NG+?

  • Level reached.
  • Achieved skills.
  • Challenge the level of the skills you are improving.
  • All Powers at the level you had them before moving to the next NG+ cycle.
  • Scan data of visited planets.
  • The research projects you had in development will remain as they were when moving to NG+.

What do you lose by moving to NG+?:

  • You keep absolutely nothing of your inventory (you will lose all your weapons, you will have none of your armor, none of your upgrade magazines, all your credits... everything).
  • In the same way, you also lose any object that you had stored in a personal trunk, whether in the Lodge, in a house...
  • You lose all your ships, including any you designed in the shipyard.
  • You lose all your homes. This includes purchased properties that you have obtained through secondary or main missions...
  • All the positions you have built disappear.
  • Of course, the main story starts from scratch.
  • All Factions reset. In this sense, it is also as if you have never completed any faction quests, side quests, or Miscellaneous quests.
  • Relationships with your companions are restarted, allowing you to start from scratch with them and look for a new romance.

What are the advantages of moving to NG+?

We enter spoiler territory. Starting to explain things about the NG+ beyond what we have done so far means explaining things that are impossible not to tear apart. Continue reading at your own risk although, if you have reached A Giant Step, we are not going to tell you anything you don't know.

It won't be that we haven't warned. That said, these are the main advantages of the NG+, but we leave the new mechanics and changes for later, which are something else. The new things you can get are the following.

  • You can search for the Artifacts again.
  • You can search the Temples again. For each Temple you visit of a Power you already have, you will get an improved version of it (Supernova II, Supernova III, etc.)
  • It is possible to reach a power level of +10, reaching NG+10.
  • You will start the game with a Star Suit. This suit cannot be modified and is made up of a single piece of spacesuit, helmet, and backpack.
  • Every time you upgrade to a new NG+, you will get another better suit that also changes its appearance. You will get the best Star Suit at NG+10.
  • When you start the game, you will start aboard a Starship.
  • This ship cannot be upgraded or modified, although it has enough firepower to easily take down most of the ships you will encounter along the way.
  • You'll get a better Starship every time you upgrade to a new NG+, as with the Starsuit. The ship stops upgrading at NG+6.
  • Vendors will begin to have new weapons (improved versions of those from the first game, endgame weapons from the beginning, etc.).

As you see, the main idea behind continuing to play Starfield is, in essence, to make your character more powerful. However, there are also a series of new concepts that you can take into account.

New story-related mechanics

For starters, you can skip almost all of the main quests. As soon as you start the game you can travel directly to the Lodge and talk to Sarah. Here you can reveal that you are a Star, which will activate an exclusive NG+ and later mission that is Among the Stars, where you will simply go for the Artifacts, allowing you to reach the end of the game much faster.

If you don't look for the temples, you can easily finish the story in 2-3 hours. However, there is another thing you should keep in mind and that is that in each NG+ there can be important changes in how the plot develops, such as finding that a main character is dead when you arrive at Constellation, for example.