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Nintendo Direct from November 14, 2023: All new games and trailers from Indie World

 Discover the independent games announced at Nintendo Direct on November 14, 2023, rich in diversity and creativity!

During the last Nintendo Direct Indie World on November 14, 2023, Nintendo revealed a plethora of new indie games, with releases stretching into 2024. This event was a real feast for indie game lovers.

From space adventure to Scottish rhythm puzzles, this Nintendo Direct offered an impressive diversity of games. Let's take a closer look at the most notable announcements from this presentation.

Discover the new Indie Games presented at the November 2023 Nintendo Direct

Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition

Space exploration sensation Outer Wilds is finally coming to Switch on December 7th. This edition will include the 'Echoes of the Eye' expansion and a physical version will be available in 2024.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

After a 20-year wait, the sequel to the popular platform game Shantae is coming to Switch in 2024. Prepare for an adventure full of dancing, transformation, and exploration in layered levels.

Core Keeper

Mining sandbox adventure Core Keeper will make its way to Switch in the summer of 2024. Currently, in Early Access on Steam, this game features an exploration of procedurally generated biomes in online cooperative multiplayer.

On Your Tail

Immerse yourself in the enigma of the village of Borgo Marina with the narrative life simulator On Your Tail, planned for 2024. In addition to solving mysteries, relax at the beach, fish, and spend time with friends.

Backpack Hero

This deck-building roguelike dungeon crawler, Backpack Hero, features a unique inventory management mechanic. It's already available on Steam and is coming to Switch today.

Blade Chimera

Developed by Team Ladybug, Blade Chimera is a futuristic 2D action game set in Osaka. Armed with the Lumina sword, fight demons and travel through time. Release planned for spring 2024.

A Highland Song

Get ready for a 2.5D rhythmic adventure in the Scottish highlands with A Highland Song, available December 5. Explore varied paths in this narrative platformer.


This tactical folktale with a unique “living ink” art style is available today. Challenge yourself to find a cure for a plague spread by sound.

Moonstone Island

This life simulator and deck-building game invites you to explore 100 procedurally generated islands. Available as a temporary exclusive on Switch in spring 2024.

Death Trick: Double Blind

Immerse yourself in the mysterious universe of Death Trick: Double-Blind, a non-linear detective visual novel planned for 2024 on Nintendo Switch. You can already experience the unique detective mechanics of Death Trick: Double Blind with a free demo available on the Nintendo eShop.

The Star Named Eos

Enter the beautifully drawn world of The Star Named EOS, a first-person puzzle adventure game. Scheduled for next spring on Switch, this game offers a rich narrative experience where photography plays a key role.

Other announcements

In addition to these titles, the Nintendo Direct confirmed the release of several other games, such as:

  • Planet of Lana - Spring 2024
  • Enjoy the Diner - Available
  • The Gecko Gods - Spring 2024
  • Passpartout 2 - Available
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition – April 30, 2024
  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center - 2024
  • Heavenly Bodies - February 2024
Nintendo Indie World on November 14, 2023 offered a fascinating look at the upcoming indie games coming to Switch. With such a diverse and innovative lineup, it's clear that the future of indie games