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One Piece addresses the problem with Bonney's age in a very controversial way


One Piece addresses the problem with Bonney's age in a very controversial way

Each chapter of One Piece is a complete marvel and the most recent arc confirms it, since Eiichiro Oda has given great speed to the final events of the series, since during this saga crucial information has been revealed that has provided greater context of many of the mysteries and some of the most relevant characters in this work, such as Jewelry Bonney.

The last chapters of the One Piece manga have not been shy when it comes to revealing information, since the tragic past of Bartholomew Kuma has been revealed, revealing more details of the most important events of the work and giving a look deeper into the origin of Jewelry Bonney, her little daughter, who has been surrounded by a great enigma.

In fact, one of Jewelry Bonney's biggest mysteries was her true age, as this disturbing detail gave rise to many theories within the fandom, as many speculated that this pirate was actually much younger than she looked. However, the most recent chapter of the manga has finally clarified this big doubt, revealing the real age of Kuma's daughter.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1098 of the One Piece manga.

One Piece manga chapter 1098 has revealed Jewelry Bonney's true age

Currently, Jewelry Bonney has been at the center of the action in One Piece, having a very important participation in the events that have occurred in Egghead, which is why more details have been provided about this pirate, since the volume SBS's latest One Piece game has revealed the name of Bonney's Devil Fruit, revealing part of this young pirate's abilities.

But this is not all that has been revealed about Jewelry Bonney, since the most recent chapter of the manga has revealed the true age of this pirate, since the countless flashbacks that have been revealed about Kuma's past include the origin of This young pirate, which is quite controversial and interesting, since she is not the biological daughter of Bartholomew but of a World Noble who kidnapped Jinney and after the death of the latter, Kuma decided to take care of her.

Likewise, in the middle of these flashbacks, a scene is shown in which it is possible to know Bonney's true age, confirming one of the most popular theories in the fandom, since Jewelry Bonney is 12 years old, being really a girl like had been hinted at in the series, as Jewelry can alter her age thanks to the powers of her Devil Fruit.

The revelation of Jewelry Bonney's true age confirms the insinuations that have been made about this young pirate, who is actually a girl who has made her way across the seas, becoming a member of the Supernovas at a young age. Likewise, the origin of her name has also been revealed, which is related to the rare disease that her mother Jinney had and that she also inherited, since it caused her to develop hardened lesions on the skin in the shape of blue gems after exposed to the sun, which led Kuma to nickname her “Jewelry”.

Without a doubt, the revelations regarding Jewelry Bonney have been very surprising and hint that she could have a deeper implication in the future events of the series, because like Kuma, the origin of this pirate is very emotional and interesting.

The development of the Future Island arc has been incredible since it has not been inhibited when it comes to revealing information about past events and delving into the origin of many of its characters, providing greater context. of history in general.