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One Piece already gave Koby his best moment in the series, but many fans missed it


One Piece already gave Koby his best moment in the series, but many fans missed it

The One Piece franchise is going through one of the best moments since its creation since both the manga and the anime are developing events of great impact that have marked a before and after in the series and, added to that, there is the live-action of One Piece by Netflix, a project that provided a different perspective of the iconic characters from Eiichiro Oda's work, increasing their popularity.

One of the characters that increased its popularity significantly after the overwhelming success of live-action was Koby, who was already one of the most beloved characters since his praiseworthy personality and great charisma made him wow fans in moments. Likewise, as the plot developed, this popular Marine had an exceptional development, being greatly admired for his great feats, which showed that he would have a deeper involvement in the story.

Likewise, it seems that Koby has been closely following the legacy of his mentor, Garp, as he has become quite a hero, acquiring great popularity within the Navy and all thanks to his heroic exploits. However, a recent revelation on SBS of volume 107 of the One Piece manga has confirmed that this had its best moment in the series, but this was not developed in the manga, which is why fans missed it.

One Piece manga volume 107 has revealed a big Koby backstory

It is not surprising that One Piece is one of the best shonen mangas in history since Eiichiro Oda has been in charge of making every detail of this work a marvel, whether in each panel of the manga or outside of it, giving it an exceptional development to the plot and its characters, as is the case of Koby, who has had a sublime evolution, becoming one of the most promising and beloved individuals in the series.

And it seems that Oda has been in charge of enhancing Koby even more, since recently, through the SBS of volume 107 of the One Piece manga, he has revealed a great backstory of this character, this being one of the great moments that has had the disciple of Monkey D. Garp.

During this question and answer section, the mangaka revealed the connection that exists between Koby and Hibari, a member of SWORD and a friend of the young marine, who went with Garp to Hachinosu to rescue Captain Koby. However, in the middle of this suicide mission, it was seen that Hibari was carrying a teddy bear hanging in her backpack, a detail that caught the attention of fans, who asked Oda what this striking accessory meant.

One Piece manga volume 107 has revealed a big Koby backstory

One Piece manga volume 107 has revealed a big Koby backstory

Oda revealed that this teddy bear was very important to Hibari since it was her lucky charm since she was a girl, since a long time ago Koby saved Hibari's life on the battlefield, but in the middle of this chaotic confrontation, she lost her bear. However, days later, Koby returned with several injuries and was reprimanded by his superior for having been missing, but in his hand, he had the teddy bear.

Koby had returned to the battlefield to look for Hibari's valuable teddy bear, who was very grateful to him while crying, which is why this young woman named the bear "Koby-Senpai", and everything seems to indicate that from that moment Hibari began to see Koby in a very different way.

This background story of Koby and Hibari is very emotional and important since it notably highlights the bravery and great human quality that this young marine possesses who did not mind putting his life in danger to recover his friend's valuable treasure, this being one of Koby's best moments that fans didn't get to see, since it wasn't addressed in the manga.

Without a doubt, it is evident that Koby has become Garp's successor, since during his rescue in Hachinosu he gave a brief sample of his power, added to that his exploits have given him the status of a true hero who motivates and inspired those around him, demonstrating his great leadership and charisma.