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One Piece is managing to fix the original ending of the Wano arc


One Piece is managing to fix the original ending of the Wano arc

The One Piece anime is ending the extensive Wano arc, which marked a before and after in the series, since, during this installment, Luffy obtained Gear Fifth, his new transformation, a power-up that helped him defeat Kaido and free this island from the clutches of this fearsome villain.

Likewise, the One Piece anime has been doing an exceptional job with the Wano arc, since it has made every moment of this installment a true audiovisual gem, since the animation and effects they have used have significantly enhanced this story, highlighting even more so the performance of Luffy and the rest of the characters who were crucial to freeing this island.

But this is not the only interesting detail that the One Piece anime has had, since the adaptation to the digital format of the Wano arc has been developed in a very interesting way, managing to fix many details of the end of this saga, which gave a lot what to talk about in the manga, making the conclusion of this installment more coherent and understandable.

This post contains Spoilers for episode #1084 of the One Piece anime.

The One Piece anime has been ironing out some details of the end of the Wano arc

It is no secret that the Wano arc is one of the longest in One Piece, airing since 2019 in the anime and finally, this saga is about to conclude, putting an end to these great adventures that marked a before and after in the series, anticipating a new stage in this great work.

Although the Wano arc is one of the longest, it left many plot points unresolved, omitting relevant details regarding Zoro and his family heritage, which many fans wanted to know. However, they could not due to the hasty conclusion of this saga in the manga.

However, everything seems to indicate that the end of the Wano arc will be improved, since the preview of episode 1084 hints at big changes for this conclusion, giving it a better rhythm and addressing some plot points that were omitted in the manga, as It was Luffy and Tama's farewell, Carrot's farewell, among other details that were not developed in the manga, which were harshly criticized by fans.

In this teaser you can see that the anime seems to be determined to solve these details, since a great interaction has been shown between Luffy and Tama, who was a centerpiece in the Wano arc, hinting that a proper farewell will be given to Tama, unlike the manga which detracted a lot from this little girl who was Luffy's main motivation to fight Kaido.

These changes in the anime provide a better development of these events, solving these plot points that were not addressed in the manga, which significantly improves the end of the amazing and extensive Wano arc, making this one of the most amazing and important of the series.

It should be noted that the Wano arc has addressed heartbreaking and shocking moments, which have made this saga one of the best, as various problems were addressed that added greater depth to this story, making it a true wonder that impacted everyone. the spectators.