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Quantum essence in Starfield: How to get and use it?

 This is what you need to do to get Quantum Essence in Starfield, a consumable item outside the inventory that will help you use your Powers better.

Starfield Powers used well, are a mechanic that can be used a lot. However, using them consumes energy, and Quantum Essence will help you have more available. As it is a bit hidden by the inventory, here we will explain how to get it, how to use it, and what it is for.

How is quantum Essence achieved?

Quantum Essence is a consumable item obtained automatically when you defeat Starlings, a type of enemy that will appear once you have progressed through the game. Depending on where you build the Armillary as you progress through the game, you may be attacked when landing on planets, but you will also encounter them when completing the Temples of Powers.

How is quantum Essence achieved

How is Quantum Essence used?

Quantum Essence is not used from inventory. To use it you have to access the Powers menu and notice that, in the lower left corner, the button appears that you must press to consume a Quantum Essence.

How is Quantum Essence used

What is quantum Essence for?

Once you have consumed a unit of Quantum Essence, your character will be enveloped in yellow lights and rays. This is a temporary effect. While the effect lasts, you will regenerate energy faster. Since you cannot increase your maximum energy level, this is the only way to be able to cast Powers faster, by increasing its recharge rate. However, remember that each of your special abilities consumes a certain amount of energy and, if you deplete it by using your "magics", you will have to wait for it to recharge to continue casting powers.