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Secret of the Tomb Modern Warfare 3: how to escape with Pack-A-Punch weapons?

 How frustrating it is to escape from Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with weapons modded and improved with Sacred Punch. But if we told you that you could escape with all your weapon upgrades, would you believe us? Thanks to a minor secret from MW3's Zombie, it's entirely possible to take the helicopter with your Pack-A-Punch weapons, at least with one exception!

Secret of the Tomb Modern Warfare 3: how to escape with Pack-A-Punch weapons?

How to escape from MW3 Zombie mode with your Sacred Punch weapons?

To leave the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombie mode intervention zone with your Sacred Punch weapons, you will have to accomplish a little secret in Zone 3 of Urzikstan. It's a fairly dangerous area, so we advise you to go there with a team, deadly equipment that generates area attacks (Monkey Bomb, Kazimir LT53, Semtex, etc.), Self-Resuscitation Kit, and mostly level 2 or 3 weapons from Pack-A-Punch.

How to escape from MW3 Zombie mode with your Sacred Punch weapons

  • Little advice: Remember to keep a few pieces of flesh during your exploration, a hellhound kennel is located at the location we invite you to visit. The canine that you summon can be very useful to you and will certainly save your life to succeed in your exfiltration!

In the level 3 zone, you will need to go to the flagged ruins located to the west of the ancient city, on the border of difficulty zone 2. At the top of the ruin, you can find the grave of a soldier. By paying homage to him, the weapon you have in your hand will be dismantled. All your upgrades will be in the Reward Rift, with the exception of tools (wrenches that improve the rarity of your weapons).

By making sure to collect your rewards in the Rift, you can exfiltrate with your Mods and the Aether Crystal in your backpack which is used to improve your weapons. But this exfiltration comes at a price... You won't be able to leave without giving anything in return.

The secret of the tomb and its pranks

Nothing is free in the Zombie world of MW3, so you'll have to close your eyes on a level of Holy Punch to receive the complete dismantling of your weapon.

To put it simply, if you pay tribute with a Pack-A-Punch 3 weapon in hand, you will obtain a level 2 Aether Crystal in the Rift reward.

Losing a level of Holy Punch is clearly the price to pay for exfiltrating with your weapon upgrades in your pocket . However, it is well worth it to start a new game with an already improved weapon.

How to successfully exfiltrate from the level 3 zone?

After several attempts to find a way to escape in one piece with weapons devoid of power from the level 3 zone, we found a method to quickly and peacefully leave this hellish zone. A great entry always leads to a great exit. We'll explain!

You will need to arrive in the level 3 area with a boat that you will park to the southeast, at the level of the walls of the ruin. Next, take some pieces of flesh (if you have any), then summon a hellhound in the kennel that is right next to the grave. The latter will be of great help to you because it will attract all the zombies who want to kill you.

Once you have paid your respects to the deceased, then collected your upgrades in the rift, abandon your faithful demonic companion, then parachute back to your boat by jumping from the wall .

On board your ship, head towards the exfiltration zone closest to you or in the level 2 zone, near a vehicle . If you go by water, don't worry, the river crosses the entire map and all infection levels, so you can safely reach a point of interest where the threat is low. Once you arrive in a level 1 zone, you should no longer take any risk in attempting an exfiltration.