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Spider-Man 2: How to level up fast

 This is what you should do if you want to level up quickly in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, to unlock costumes, techniques, and abilities as soon as possible.

Among the many doubts and frequently asked questions in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, one of them will be how to quickly level up, in order to unlock everything from suits to abilities, gadgets, and improvements or suit technologies.

How do you level up quickly?

Realistically, it's very easy to level up in Spider-Man 2. For example, if you complete a crime by surpassing the bonus objective, you will get a fairly notable amount of experience points. Story missions practically guarantee you level up upon completion. However, the best way to level up is to complete the game's side activities. With them, you will get tons of experience points, plus you will unlock exclusive costumes for each of the characters, as well as Hero Tokens and Rare Components that will allow you to unlock costume technologies, which are what really improve the stats of the character. your character.

How do you level up quickly

  • Missions
  • Collections

By completing any activity you will get a certain amount of experience points. Additionally, when you have completed all the activities in a set, there will always be a fairly high point bonus, so you can easily go up two or three levels just as you complete each of the activities. Keep in mind, however, that many secondary activities require progressing through the game's story before being unlocked.