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Starfield: How to get the best armor for the beginning of the game for free?

 This is how you can get the Mark I suit, the best armor from the beginning of Starfield. The set includes a helmet, backpack, and space suit and you can get it completely free.

The history of Starfield is long, and throughout this journey, you will find many weapons and armor. But to start this journey, the Mark I, the best armor for the beginning of the game and which you can get completely free, may be very useful to you.

Where is the Mark I and how to get it?

To get the backpack, helmet and the Mark I spacesuit, just go to The Old Quarter. Once they give you the key to the Lodge (New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri) you can go down to the basement (from the main entrance, look to the right and you will see a hallway and some stairs to go down). Once down there, look in one of the rooms for a display case with the set.

Where is the Mark I and how to get it

The problem is that this showcase is closed. To open it you need to have a Security skill of Rank 3 or higher... although there is also a trick to get hold of it. Although we recommend that Security is one of the skills to improve for the endgame, what you can do in this case is stick to the display case and move sideways, very slowly. There comes a point where your reticle "passes through" the display case and you can interact with the mannequin to get the set. Be careful because this should be patched at some point.

Is Mark I armor really good?

In short, it will serve you well for quite some time. Since weapons and armor in Starfield do not improve their attributes by leveling up, but rather by installing modifications, the Mark I set has very high basic defensive values, and a decent set of thermal, corrosive, and radioactive defense with which to overcome the most difficult environments. hostile.

Looking ahead, we recommend that you take a look at our method to get the best weapons and armor. However, it must be made clear that the Mark I will be the best armor for a long time, you will need legendary armor and special modifications to overcome it.