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Starfield: How to get the best ship in the game for free

 This is what you must do to get the Kepler-R, the best ship you can get in your first game in Starfield. You will only have to complete one mission and it will be yours for free.

Starfield offers tons of missions, many of them with great scripts. But unfortunately and although the rewards are usually interesting, very few give you access to the best rewards such as a great home or the best of all weapons. Another interesting quest is Overdesign, which allows you to get the best ship in the game, at least on your first playthrough.

How to activate OverLayout

Overdesign is a quest from the Miscellaneous section. To activate it, you have to talk to Walter Stroud in the Lodge once you have advanced enough or completed the main quest A High Price.

Be careful: it is possible to do the mission wrong

Typically Starfield missions always end up offering the same reward, but the result of Overdesign may be that you get two different ships, the Kepler-S or the Kepler-R. The better version of the two is the Kepler-R, so you better follow our guide.

How to complete Overdesign and get the Kepler-R

Once you have activated the mission, the first stop is the Stroud-Eklund Shipyard (Dalvik, Deepala Moon, Narion System).

When you board, follow the marker to Jules Degante. He waits for the meeting to end and talks to her. He advances the conversation until he mentions budget options to you. To get the Kepler-R, you must choose the second option, "We can build what we want with a bigger budget..." You must keep in mind that the Kepler-S (by choosing the first option, "A smaller budget will help us focus ...") is not bad, but worse than Kepler-R. There is no other legal way to have the other ship, we recommend the Kepler-R, but you decide.

Now you will have to use Persuasion on her, if you fail you will have to pay her 100,000 credits to accept. She talks to the team after the conversation and tells them they have good ideas. In principle, this shouldn't change anything, but it doesn't cost anything to be good people. After that, you have to go to a reward panel (for example, the one in Cydonia on Mars) and complete a passenger mission and a reward mission.

How to complete Overdesign and get the Kepler-R

Remember that missions change. If the panel doesn't have one you're looking for, take the time to look again. It is enough to complete one of the two, although hey, do both, it never hurts.

Back at the shipyard, you have to convince the team to work together. Talking to Jules, choose the option "Let's try to foster the team..." Then don't choose anything where you say "My whatever", always use answers that do not have doubts but highlight teamwork. No "I think" or "I suppose" and no "I", in short. She talks to Jules when the meeting is over.

The next step is to talk to Walter in the Lodge. The mission will be activated, and you will have the Activity "Pick up your new ship". Go get her. To take it you have to approach with your own ship and dock, not disembark at the Stroud-Eklund Shipyard. If you've done it right, Kepler-R will be yours. It looks like a mastodon, but it is a bad beast both in combat and in its carrying capacity and light jumping.

How to complete Overdesign and get the Kepler-R

It should be noted that it is the best free ship in your first game. In NG+ you can get much better ships... and for free too. But that is another story.