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Starfield: How to recover building materials after creating items?

 With this system, you will be able to recover the objects that you have consumed when building structures in Starfield. Don't worry about experimenting, you will have all the materials and resources again.

Starfield: How to recover building materials after creating items?

Although in Starfield you have several options to settle in a place, which can be limited to living as if you were Batman in space, or even getting a free big house, you always have the option of building your own base. But what happens if you regret it and want to recover the materials you have spent? Well, we have good news: you can recover them and the process is very simple.

How to recover materials from things you have built

First of all, we are referring to recovering the materials used in the structures of your outpost or space base. You cannot recover weapon and armor modifications, once consumed, they remain consumed. But if you want, for example, to dismantle an entire outpost to recover valuable dynamic frames, titanium, or much rarer materials... well, just destroy the structures.

Yes. Just use the build menu and delete what you've built to automatically recover all the materials you spent building it. By doing so, the invested materials will automatically return to your inventory.