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Starfield: How to reset money and items in stores?

 If you're looking to sell more items to a Starfield merchant or replenish their stock, here's what you need to do to continue trading.

Starfield: How to reset money and items in stores?

A common problem when buying or selling items in Starfield is that the store runs out of money or items. You are left unable to sell everything you wanted, or you know that that seller has more ammunition or resources, but you have exhausted them. There are two options, and with one of them, you can instantly reset the store, making the merchant have money and the usual items from him again.

How to make stores have money and items again

The system to do this is very simple and is based on the fact that the stores are reset when in-game time passes, not real-time. That is, when a certain number of "game days" pass, the merchant returns to the base money and regular items (note that some items, such as resources or digital lockpicks, may not appear on each reset). So, all you have to do is find a chair, sit down, and pass the time. As a general rule, setting the bar to the maximum will be enough.

In principle, 48 hours must pass, but this time is different depending on the planet (the game will indicate the "real" equivalent when you go to rest). As soon as the process is finished, the store will have all its money again, renew the fixed stock, and change the rotating stock. Eye! The store won't have a higher money limit, it will just go back to the standard amount of money to buy things from you! However, you can always sell little by little everything you want until you run out of the seller's money, rest, and repeat without any type of limit, regardless of whether you have money to buy your most expensive items.