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Starfield: How to use mule companions and equip items on them?

 Starfield companions, as in other Bethesda games, can be used as pack mules. Here we will explain how to do it and also how to get them to use specific weapons.

Starfield's companions, as in other games in the Bethesda saga, are not an ornament. Apart from being able to have a relationship with some of them, one of their best functions is to serve as a pack mule, that is, to carry objects that you cannot carry with you, that do not fit on the ship, but that you want to keep.

Here we are going to explain how to make them use weapons and armor and how to make them serve as a pack mule.

How to give items to companions and make them use weapons

First of all, you have to know how to give items to your companions. All you have to do is talk to a partner and select the negotiate option.

Once there, you can give your partner all the objects you want, always keeping in mind that they do not accept stolen objects or contraband and that they have a maximum load limit that they cannot exceed.

Now, as for how to make them carry specific weapons and armor, it's very simple. What you have to do is give them the pieces like any other object. As for weapons, you must give them 1 unit of the ammunition that the weapon uses, they don't need more. If you don't give them ammunition they won't be able to use it, but if you give them 1 unit, they will have infinite ammunition.

As for armor and outfits, what you should do is, once you have given it to them, in the negotiate menu, move to their inventory and enter, for example, the Helmets menu. There you will see the helmets that you have given to the character and, at the bottom of the screen you will see the Equip option. Although you will see your character model, it is equipped to your companion (as long as you are in his inventory).

How to give items to companions and make them use weapons

The same thing happens if you give him more than one weapon, of course. You can make it equip whatever you want. And this would be it, so you can have your character carry specific pieces and serve as your pack mule.