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Strategy Fyrakk the Flamboyant HM and NM in Amidrassil - WoW Dragonflight

 The new World of Warcraft Dragonflight raid, Amidrassil, the Hope of the Dream, is available! Here is Fyrakk the Flamboyant's strategy.

Armidrassil is the brand new raid in World of Warcraft, with four difficulties available as usual. It's a 9-boss raid that ends with the fight against Fyrakk. This is the last raid of the expansion, so take advantage of it to participate as much as possible! We'll offer you a set of strategy guides.

The final boss of the raid is Fyrakk the Flaming. Here is the strategy in raid search, normal and heroic mode to be able to succeed in this confrontation.

Fyrakk the Flamboyant strategy in Amidrassil in HM, NM and LFR

Fyrakk is the last boss of the raid and perhaps the boss who will give you the brand-new legendary weapon. It is a three-phase fight with a transition phase between phase 1 and phase 2.

Fyrakk the Flamboyant strategy in Amidrassil in HM, NM and LFR

Phase 1 of the fight against Fyrakk in Amidrassil

During the entire phase, fire will slowly appear from the end of the platform. You simply have to move backward as the phase progresses so as not to get burned.

For tanks, you simply need to tank the boss with your back to the raid, and no one should position themselves with the active tank because of Fyr'alath's Bite which is the tank mechanic. Change tanks every 2 bites. Be careful, after the bite, the tank receives increased magic damage from Fyrakk's attacks.

Healers must pay attention to the constant damage that the raid will take but also to the On Fire curse which will have to be dispelled from certain players.

The most important spell in this phase is Firestorm. Players will be targeted by an AoE of flame which will, after a few seconds, cause an AoE of flames to appear on the ground. These AoEs must not touch the roots of the tree, otherwise, it's wiped. Place these pools of flame right next to the fire advancing at the back of the room.

The other major spell is Dreamtear. When Fyrakk casts this spell, run away from the created rift, otherwise you will die.

In Heroic, certain players will be targeted by Blaze. A line will then cross them, no one must be on this line.

This phase doesn't necessarily have a huge amount of skill but a lot of things will happen at once and there are a lot of moves required.

Transition Phase 1 of the fight against Fyrakk in Amidrassil

When he reaches 70% health, Fyrakk casts the Corruption spell and attempts to corrupt Amidrassil. You have 30 seconds to destroy the shield he gives himself with Corruption otherwise it's a wipe. You absolutely must absorb the Shadowflame Orbs that will be heading towards Fyrakk, otherwise, it's also a wipe.

Once the shield is broken you move on to phase 2.

Phase 2 of the fight against Fyrakk in Amidrassil

In phase 2, the boss will alternate between remaining on the ground in humanoid form and flying away, giving you adds to manage. He will keep Bite of Fyr'Alath, On Fire, and Inferno (HM) from phase 1.

Throughout this phase, the healers will have to deal with Spirits of Kaldoreis who move into the room towards Amidrassil. They must be cared for 100% to keep the tree alive. If the tree dies, it's wiped.

Before taking flight, he will summon two Infernals on the tanks. You have to tank them but also kill them very quickly, otherwise, they will explode and wipe you.

When Fyrakk takes flight, he casts Shadowflame Devastation. Leave the darkened area and then control, interrupt, and push the adds that will appear so that they do not touch the Spirits of the Kaldoreis.

When he finishes flying, Fyrakk returns to the ground and you must not be under his impact zone.

Phase 3 of the fight against Fyrakk in Amidrassil

Phase 3 begins with Fyrakk taking his dragon form. Some techniques change but you also keep mechanics from P1, so be careful.

You will have to change tanks quite frequently because of Infernal Maw and always watch in which direction Fyrakk is looking to avoid his Shadowflame Breath.

The main mechanic of this phase is Amidrassil Seeds. Seeds will be on the ground and they will have to be collected by players. You absolutely must keep them on you and avoid being hit by a mechanic from the boss as long as you have the seed, because a seed hit by a mechanic burns and is no longer useful. If you are targeted by a Fyrakk skill, drop your seed and deal with it. For example, the boss will cast Eternal Firestorms on certain players. Targets must not be in contact with seed carriers and must move away from the raid as quickly as possible.

Just before the boss launches Apocalyptic Roar, at 100 energy, all players in the raid must find themselves in the same place and two seed carriers must use their bonus action to create a protective dome and avoid the wipe. Without seeds, you will not be able to protect yourself from the Roar and it will be the wipe.