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Striker Modern Warfare 3: What is the best class for this submachine gun?

 The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Striker may be one of the best submachine guns in the game, but it is not at its maximum potential. Indeed, it needs some accessories to become a real machine. While it can be picked up quickly, there are a few things about the Striker that need improvement, including its bullet range and speed, as well as recoil. Find our class for the MW3 Striker.

Striker Modern Warfare 3: What is the best class for this submachine gun?

Striker: our configuration for great stability

Do you want to maintain good mobility, while maintaining excellent recoil to eliminate your opponents with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Striker? This is good because we created a class taking these parameters into consideration.

  • Gun accessory: XTEN Phantom-5 handguard
  • Cannon muzzle: Sonic S silencer
  • Cannon: Long Striker Recon Cannon
  • Stock: Lachmann Recon Series
  • Sight: SZ Mini / Mini Cronen Point / Slate deflector

When choosing the viewfinder, it all depends on your preferences. We really like the Cronen Mini Dot, but other people may prefer the SZ Mini the Slate Baffle, or even another sight. The most important thing here is to equip a sight that will not bring a penalty to your weapon.

Regarding the stock and the barrel accessory, we chose them to provide better precision to the submachine gun by improving recoil control. This way you will be able to aim and shoot with excellent vision at your opponent.

As for the cannon and muzzle, we decided to incorporate them into this class in order to improve the range of the bullets, but also their speed, the goal being to eliminate opponents quickly. Although bullet range has been improved, we advise you to avoid long-range combat. This class does not rely on this way of playing, although you can try to compete with your opponent. The only downside is that it will take you longer to kill him.

Striker Modern Warfare 3: What is the best class for this submachine gun?

And finally, to round it all off, we chose the Sonic S silencer to make the wearer of the weapon undetectable by radar. This way, you can easily create a “Ghost” class.

Also note that this class is played perfectly in a tactical position because even if the precision remains approximate, you can easily eliminate your opponents at short and medium range with this aiming mode.

Our complete class for the Striker

This part of the article is really subjective because the advice we will provide you is not all good to take. Indeed, it all depends on your way of playing.

In order to suit a “Ghost” type class (silent and undetectable therefore), we have prepared a complete class so that you can get an idea of ​​what it can be like.

  • Secondary weapon: Knife or PILA
  • Tactical and deadly accessory: Stun grenade / Semtex
  • Combat Upgrade: Ammo Box
  • Gloves: Commando Gloves
  • Boots: Hedging shoes
  • Equipment: Hacked IFF Identification or Anti-Detection Camouflage
Our complete class for the Striker

The boots and equipment have been chosen so that you are undetectable to your opponents . The flagship elimination series of the license remain the detection and targeting tools, so to avoid being visible on the mini-maps or indicators when locking on a missile, it is preferable to use the large means. You will be fast, but above all discreet with this complete class proposal.