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Suika game: how to play fruit and watermelon games?

 Have you seen all the streamers playing Suika Game? We tell you how to also play it on Switch or PC!

Welcome to the colorful and stimulating world of Suika Game, a fruit odyssey that is taking Nintendo Switch consoles by storm! Imagine a world where speed, strategy, and precision come together in a playful saraband around watermelon. This article is your passport to becoming an ace in this head-turning, joystick-clicking game.

Suika game: how to play fruit and watermelon games?

At the heart of this adventure, Suika Game is not just a hobby. It's a challenge, dubbed "Japan's hardest game," that pushes you to combine fruits in a frenzy reminiscent of the famous 2048. But how do you get started on this quest for the perfect watermelon?

How to play Suika Game?

Before we go any further, let's understand what Suika Game is. This is a strategic puzzle where you have to assemble fruits, mainly watermelons until you run out of space. The version that captivates streamers differs significantly from the free one playable via browser, with rules and physics specific to the console.

To get Suika Game on your Switch, a Japanese or US (or Canadian) Nintendo account is required. Here are the simple steps to create one:

  1. Go to the Nintendo website to register a new account.
  2. Fill in your information, making sure to use an email not associated with an existing account.
  3. Select Japan as the "country/region of residence".

Link your new account to your Switch

  • Go to the Switch settings, then “users”.
  • Add a user and link them to your new Japanese Nintendo Account.

Buy Suika Game on Switch or eShop

You have two options for purchasing Suika Game outside your region:

  • By browser: Add the game to your cart on the eShop and pay with a valid credit card or Japanese eShop gift card.
  • Directly on the console: use the eShop search function with your Japanese user and pay via Paypal.

How to play on PC: 

There is currently a site and a free browser version but it is not the full game:

Suika Game is much more than a watermelon game, it is a mental gymnastics that requires finesse and anticipation. With this information, you are ready to take on the challenge and embark on your Suika adventure. May the best watermelon win!